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Lv Ying
Author: Time:2013-10-17 19:15:14

Chinese name(中文):吕莹   Pinyin(拼音):Lv Ying

Assistant Professor of Food Science and Engineering  at Beijing University of Agriculture (BUA)



Contact Information(联系信息)13717705283

Englishname(英文名): Lv Ying




Office Phone(办公电话):  8610-80799170

Office Fax(传真): 8610-80799170

Recruitment Status(接受研究生情况):   accepting graduate students


Education & Experience(教育及工作经历):

1994.9- 2001.7  Master degree, College of Food Science and Nutritional Engineering, China Agricultural University

2001.7- 2006.7  Chinese Institute of Food and Fermentation

2006.9- 2010.7  Ph.D. College of Food Science and Nutritional Engineering, China Agricultural University

2008.9- 2009.9  Department of Food Science, Cornell University.

2010.7-present  College of Food Science and Engineering, Beijing Agriculture University.


Research Interests(研究方向):

Processing of soy protein and its related products; The binding mechanism of soybean peptides and calcium; Deep processing of walnuts; The antioxidant mechanism of walnut peptides; The interaction between walnut peptides and iron; The behavioral studies of soy protein or milk protein and pesticides.



Primary Teaching Area(主讲课程): Bean Product Processing TechnologyFood Material International Food Culture

Positions & Employment(社会职务及活动): member of Beijing Food Society

Honors(荣誉): The first prize for outstanding scientific papers of the 11th Youth of the Beijing Association for Science.

Profile(自我评价或他人评价):(Only 500 Words)


Principal investigator: The Beijing Municipal Education Commission Project; The "12th Five-Year" key technologies of the rural areas of National Science and Technology Program; Beijing Agricultural University fund;

Co-principal investigator: The National Natural science Foundation of China; The 11th Five-Year national Key Technology Program; The doctoral fund; The Beijing Municipal science and Technology Commission Project;

Published 15 papers, including 6 SCI articles.



Selected Publications(代表成果):


1、    Ying Lv, Qi Liu, Xiaolan Bao, Wuxia Tang, Baichong Yang, Shuntang Guo. Identification and Characteristics of Iron-Chelating Peptides from Soybean Protein Hydrolysates Using IMAC-Fe3+. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. 2009, 57, 4593–4597. (SCI收录, 影响因子: 2.532)

2、    Ying Lv, Shuntang Guo, Baichong Yang. Aggregation of hydrophobic soybean protein hydrolysates: Changes in molecular weight distribution during storage. LWT - Food Science and Technology. 2009, 42,914–917. (SCI收录, 影响因子: 1.589)

3、    Ying Lv, Xiaolan Bao, Baichong Yang, Chengang Ren, Shuntang Guo. Effect of Soluble Soybean Protein Hydrolysate-Calcium Complexes on Calcium Uptake by Caco-2 Cells. Journal of Food Science, 2008, 73(7), H168-H173. (SCI收录, 影响因子:1.255)

4、    Baichong Yang, Ying Lv, Yang Chen, Jin Wang, Wuxia Tang, Shuntang Guo. Inhibitory Action of Soybean-Conglycinin Hydrolysates on Salmonella typhimurium Translocation in Caco-2 Epithelial Cell Monolayers. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 2008, 56, 7522–7527. (SCI收录, 影响因子: 2.532)

5、    Xiaolan Bao, Ying Lv, Baichong Yang, Chenggang Ren, Shuntang Guo. A study of the soluble complexes formed during calcium binding by soybean protein hydrolysates. Journal of Food Science. 2008, 73(3), 117–122. (SCI收录, 影响因子:1.255)











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