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Wang ZongYi
Author: Time:2013-10-17 19:13:17

Chinese nameWang Zong-Yi



Lecturer of Food Science and Engineering in Beijing University of Agriculture (BUA)


Contact Information

Englishname: Wang Zong-Yi


Office: Rome 108, Food Building


Office Phone: +8610-80799170, 13651226099

Office Fax: +8610-80799170

Recruitment Status:   accepting graduate students 1-2


Education & Experience:

2010.7-now Teacher of Beijing University of Agriculture.

2008.6-2010.7 Postdoctoral research in Nation Key Laboratory of Animal Science, China agricultural University.

2004.9-2008.6  PH.D student, College of Science, China agricultural University

1997.2-2004.9  Technician and Director of Instrument of Testing room of Ministry of Agriculture Feed Industry, Feed testing center of China agricultural University, Ministry of Agriculture Feed safety and Bio-availability Evaluation Center (Beijing). 

2000.7-2000.9 Attend Workshops in Alberta Agriculture, Food and Rural Development, 6909-116 Street, Edmontaon, Alberta, Canada T64 492.

1996.7-1997.2 Technician and Assistant of Chief Engineer of Chengde Qiule Health Drinking Co. Ltd.

1992.9-1996.7 Undergraduate student, College of chemistry of He Bei University. 

Research Interests: Agricultural production and food safety: Separation and analytical system development for the active compound, hazard compound and pollutants in Agricultural production and food.

Primary Teaching Area: Instrument analysis; Design of experiments and statistics

Positions & Employment: Lecturer


Profile:(Only 500 Words)

My major is agricultural product and food safety, especially in Separation and analytical system development for the active compound, hazard compound and pollutants in Agricultural production and food.

Selected Publications:

1.         Zongyi Wang, Wenjun Yang, Biying Chang, Xiangning Chen, Liying Zhang, Lihua He. A Simple Method for Monitoring Iodinated Casein in Feed Premixes by LC–MS Using Iodothyronines as Markers. Chromatographia, 2011, 73,143-147

2.        Zongyi Wang, Xi Ma, Liying Zhang, Wenjun Yang, Limin Gong, Pingli He, Zhen Li. Screening and determination of melamine residues in tissue and body fluid samples. Analytica Chimica Acta201066269-75

3.        Zongyi Wang, Liying Zhang, Pingli He, Mu Li, Wenjun Yang. HPLC-MS analysis of iodotyrosines produced by sample hydrolysis: A simple method for monitoring iodinated casein in feed premixes. J. Chromatogr. B, 2009, 877: 4175-4179

4.        Zongyi Wang, Defa Li, Zhiqiang Zhou, Bingying Li, Wenjun Yang.  A simple method for screening and quantification of ricinine in feed with HPLC and LC-MS. J.Chromatogr. Sci., 2009, 47:585-588

5.         Zongyi Wang, Defa Li, Zhiqiang Zhou, Liying Zhang, Wenjun Yang. High-performance liquid chromatographic analysis of iodoamino acids produced by hydrolysis of iodinated casein with barium hydroxide. Acta chromatographica, 2008, 20 (1): 63-67


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