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Zhang Haiyu
Author: Time:2013-10-17 19:11:58

Chinese name:张海予    Pinyin



Contact Information

Englishname   Haiyu Zhang




Office Phone:          80799170/ 80799174

Office Fax:  80799174

Recruitment Status:  accepting graduate students

Websites:     http://www.

Education & Experience:

1980.9-1984.7  Southwest  Normal University  BS   Biology Science

1987.9-1990.7   Zhongshan University  MA 

1992.9-1995.7  Graduate  School of  China  Academy of Agricultural Sciences  Ph.D

Research Interests: Food microbiology and safety control of agricultural products.

Primary Teaching Area: General Microbiology and Applied Microbiology

Positions & Employment: Associate Professor


Profile:(Only 500 Words)

Working Experience  

2004,9-untill now   Beijing  University of Agrculture   Food Science and  Engineering College    Associate Professor

2002.10-2003.07   INSERM  France   Postdoctor

2001.10-2002.10  University of Bochume  Germany   Postdoctor

1995.09-2002.09   Chian Agrulture University   Associate Professor

Selected Publications:

1 Yang, S. S., R. A. Bellogin, A. Buendia, M. Camacho, M. Chen, T. Cubo, A. Daza, C. L. Diaz, M. R. Espuny, R. Gutierrez, M. Harteveld, X. H. Li, M. C. C. P. Lyra, N. Madinabeitia, C. Medina, L. Miao, F. J. Ollero, M. M. A. Olsthoorn, D. N. Rodriguez, C. Santamaria, H. R. M. Schlaman, H. P. Spaink, F. Temprano, J. E. Thomas-Oates, A. A. N. van Brussel, J. M. Vinardell, F. Xie, J. Yang,H. Y. Zhang, J. Zhen, J. Zhou, and J. E. Ruiz-Sainz. Effect of pH and soybean cultivars on the quantitative analyses of soybean rhizobia populations.  Journal of Biotechnology2001,91:243-255

2、Noreen, S., H. R. M. Schlaman, R. A. Bellogin, A. M. Buendia-Claveria, M. R. Espuny, M. Harteveld, C. Medina, F. J. Ollero, M. M. A. Olsthoorn, M. E. Soria-Diaz, H. P. Spaink, F.  Temprano,  J. Thomas-Oates, J. M. Vinardell, S. S. Yang,H. Y. Zhang, and J. E. Ruiz-Sainz. 2003. Alfalfa nodulation by Sinorhizobium fredii does not require sulfated Nod-factors.  Functional Plant Biology2003,30:1219-1232

3、Ines Engh, Christian Wurtz, Konstanze Witzel-Schlomp,Hai Yu Zhang, Birgit Hoff, Minou Nowrousian, Hanspeter Rottensteiner, and Ulrich Kuck   The WW Domain Protein PRO40 is Required for fungal Fertility and Associates with Woronin Bodies  Eukaryotic Cell2007,6(5):831-843

4、 刘  杨,张海予,韩  涛. 扩展青霉病害拮抗菌的筛选鉴定及其发酵液的抑制效果.中国农学通报.2010,26(5):8-11

5.张蕾, 孙萌,刘岳,张海予 耐高温中性蛋白酶产生菌株KN1的部分酶学性质及发酵条件的研究  中国农学通报 2011, 27(第30期11月) 177-181 

6.刘 杨 ,张海予  扩展青霉拮抗细菌发酵液在苹果保鲜中的应用 河南农业科学,2011,40(8):172—176


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