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A team of nine students challenges China Undergraduate Mathematical Modelling Contest
Author:BUA Time:2009-09-24 15:51:53

     September 11 -14, bio-technology major Ma Liang, Li Yang,Tang Shuang, Gao Zheng, Computer and Information Engineering major Feng Xue Teng, Li Jingwen, Huang Xiaodong, Economic major Liu Pan, Food  Processing major JIA Bingbing, formed into 3 teams in order to participate  in the China Undergraduate Mathematical Modeling Contest.

   China Undergraduate Mathematical Modeling Contest began in 1992. This is one of largest national competitions for undergraduate students. The purpose is to improve the students’ skills in building mathematical models and applying computer technology to solve practical problems.

        The students had three day to solve real world problem in engineering and management science.  They are required to come up with a mathematical model, use the model to do calculations and present the results in a paper within the three day time frame. The awards are based on reasonableness of the assumptions, modeling creativity, the results of the accuracy and clarity of the paper.

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