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The Association for Foreign Friendship of the Republic of Tadjkistan visited our university
Author:BUA Time:2008-10-29 13:41:51
In the morning of March 8th, with the company of Chinese Association for the Friendship with Central Asia, Nuerali Samut Wlosowicz, the president of Tadjkistan Foreign Friendship and Culture Exchange Association, and Petrova Gaba Maerhaba  Hetasunuo, the professor from Tadjkistan National Language Institute had a friendly visit to our university, and a deep communication on the cooperation carried out between the two foreign friendship associations.
The president, councilor of Chinese Association for the Friendship with Central Asia, Wang Younian, and vice president, Du Xiaolin warmly met the foreign guests.. After summarizing the intercourse and cooperation with the Central Asian countries in recent years, the president Wang Youniang put forward his wishes for  break throughs on mutually sending foreign students to each other's country.. The vice president, Du Xiaolin introduced the general situation of our university to the guests, and has a particular explanation on the bilateral intercourse and cooperation implemented in agricultural science and technology, mutual visits and study of teachers and students as well as language learning.. Both the president of Tadjkistan Association for Foreign Friendship and the National Language Institute indicated their hopes of further cooperation and intercourse carried out on the platform established by the bilateral friendship associations.
The guests visited the Chinese and Tadjkistan Friendship Woods and the building of Science and Technology training.. The dean of Party and Government Affair Office, Sun Yali, the secretary of general party branch of Humanity and Social science department, Li Gang, the dean of Humanity and Social science department, Hua Yuwu and its deputy deans Tong Zhanjun, Zhan Yanmin, the deputy dean of Botany department, Zhang Xichun, and the official from Foreign Affair Office, Li Shaojing joined the meeting.. The counselor of Chinese Association for Friendship with Central Asia, Hu Zhenhua, and the deputy director general Zhang Hua joined the visit as the companies of the foreign guest.

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