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Professor of North Carolina State University paid a visit
Author:BUA Time:2008-10-29 13:41:37
In the morning of May, 23rd, professor of social work department, the American North Carolina State University, Janice G. Wells paid an intercourse visit to our university. Secretary of party committee, Wang Humanity and vice president, Duxiaolin gave a warm welcome to the visitor. In addition, the secretary of general part branch of humanity and social science department, Li Gang, its dean, Hua Yuwu, deputy deans Zhang Yanmin and Tong Zhanjun, the director general of Science and Technology department, Zhang Zhiyong as well as the teachers from the discipline of social work joined the meeting. . In the meeting, the secretary of the party committee, Wang Huimin showed the warm welcome to the visit, and vice president Du Xiaolin introduced fundamental situations like the history, the disciplines, the conditions of teacher and student and the school-running features of Beijing University of Agriculture. Dean of humanity and social science department, Hua Yuwu introduced the general situation of social work department. To satisfy visitor's requirements Dr. Hu Yong from the department of social work introduced the general situations of the social policies implemented on the aged in Chinese rural areas and Beijing rural areas. In the end, the director general of scientific research department, Zhang Zhiyong had a communication with professor Janice G. Wells on the further cooperation between our university and the American North Carolina State University.
In the afternoon, with the company of vice president, Du Xiaolin, deputy dean Tong Zhanjun, dean of social work research department and foreign affair office, Li Shaojing and the teachers from the discipline of social work visit the internship basis of our department---Yang Taishan Gerocomium. The president, Xu Zhongtang had a warmly reception on the foreign guest and introduced basic situation like the historical reference, the number of the aged, the service pattern and predominant features of the gerocomium in detail. And to the questions given by the visitor, the president gave clearly answers, and then with the company of president Xu, they have a visit on the facilities, and general conditions of the gerocomium. . During the visit, after knowing the fact that the aged people in the gerocomium positively donated for the crowd suffered the violent earthquake happened in Wen Chuan, deeply moved professor Janice G. Wells also participated in the donation. After visiting, Professor Janice G.Well showed his affirmation on the service pattern and the inhabited environment of Yang Taishan Gerocomium, and his appreciation to the warm reception given by president Xu. He wished that there could be a further bilateral intercourse implemented..    

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