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Cooperation with Bellevue Community College
Author:BUA Time:2008-10-29 13:41:26
On June 22nd, the president Wang Younian, together 6 people, from the invitation, went to visit Bellevue Community College, (BCC), North Carolina State University, Raleigh Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey and other colleges and institutions. The companies in the visit are Zhang Zhiyong, S&R Department, Wuchunhui, the director of Personnel Department, Li Hua, the Party committee secretary of Economy and management Department, Pan Jinbiao, the Party committee secretary of Plant Science Department, and Fan Xiaoqiang, the vice president of technical college (Further Education College). 
The president Wang’s delegation held friendly talks with main directors of Bellevue College, and had in-depth discussion on both colleges’ course systems, credits admittance, and “2+1”cooperative development model (two year study in Beijing University of Agriculture and one year study in Bellevue Community College or two year study in Bellevue Community College and one year study in Beijing University of Agriculture).
The leaders of both parties agreed to set up a communication base for the teachers and students’ exchange in the future. The president Wang hoped that they could set up a strategic partnership relationship with BBC, initiate the cooperation model, speed the development of both colleges, especially in local economy field, strengthen the cooperation of production, studies and research, and cultivate the talents who can set up their own business.
And then, the president Wang Younian and the president B. Jean Floten signed cooperative agreement. 
After the signing ceremony, the Senator Li Ruilin gave a speech, hoping both colleges can cultivate excellent talents that the market needs through the communication and cooperation. Both parties had a further discussion on college admission and education and relative items.

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