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The five teachers are about to back home after studying in Hungary
Author:BUA Time:2008-10-29 13:41:09
According to the Scholarship Sponsoring Project implemented by the Chinese Scholarship Council in 2007, the five teachers in our university: the associate professors of biological technique department, Liu Yueping and Guo Pei, the associate professors of botany science department, Gu Jiantian, the associate professor of animal science department Li Huanrong and the associate professor of Garden department Chen Gaiying have a joint study with Hungarian relevant science and research institutes. After ten month intense studying and research, they have basically accomplished the joint study plan and will come back to China at the end of July.

Taking full advantages of the precious opportunity through coping with the difficulties and hard working, all of them have broadened their horizon, got certain knowledge on the latest scientific research situations of foreign countries. After coming back from abroad they are sure to play certain improving roles on the teaching and scientific researches of Beijing University of Agriculture.  

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