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Mu Xiang
Author: Time:2013-10-17 22:32:30

Mu Xiang, born in Qidong, Jiangsu Province in February,1960.He is a member of academic committee and secondary professor of Beijing University of Agriculture,the associate dean of Beijing Key Laboratory of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine and the leader of the mechanism of Traditional Chinese Medicine Prescription in Prevention and Treatment of Animal Infectious Disease and Effective Component Research Team. Concurrentlly,he acts as doctoral supervisor of China Agricultural University,North West Agriculture and Forestry University,Nanjing Agricultural University and Jilin University. At present, Mr.Mu is the vice-director general of Asian Society of Traditional Veterinary Medicine,the standing director of Chinese Association of Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine(CAAV), the director of Chinese Society for Anatomical Sciences,the vice-director general of Beijing  Society for Anatomical Sciences,the vice-director general of ATCVM,the standing director of CAAV Animal Anatomy and Histoembrylogy Chapter,the vice-director general of CVMA Traditional Chinese Veterinary,the secretary-general of Beijing Association of Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine,the commissionor of China Association of Acupuncture-Moxibustion, the commissionor of  the First Session of the National Committee of Experts on Animal Epidemic Prevention, the review committee of the Fifth Session of Ministry of Agriculture on NewVeterinary Drug.

Mr.Mu obtained a bachelor degree of agriculture in July ,1984 from Traditional Chinese Medicine Speciality,Veterinary Medicne Department, Beijing Agricultural University. Afterwards, he obtained a master degree of agriculture in July,1987 from Animal Neurotomy Speciality,Veterinary Medicine Department, North West Agriculture and Forestry University. Since 1987, Mr.Mu teaches at Beijing University of Agricultrue.He used to be the executive of Animal Science Department,Beijing University of Agriculture. Based on the great achievements Mr.Mu has made, he was selected to be a High-Level New-Type Talent of Ministry of Education in 2001 and Leader of Excellent Innovative Team of Beijing Municipal Commission of Education in 2005.

At present, Mr.Mu teaches “Animal Anatomy”, “Animal Histoembryology” and “animal cell environics”. He once edited 2 textbooks as chief editor, 1 textbook as  subeditor and edited 2 textbooks,compeleted the article of Beijing Municipal Commission of Education as vice-manager. He has made great contributions to Clinical Veterinary Medicine of Beijing University of Agricultrue and has formed a key subject of Beijing which is famous for Tranditional Chinese Veterinary and Embryo Engineering. Since he started the career, he has presided and participated 28 projects that support by Beijing Natural Science Foundation,National Natural Science Foundation,the program of Ministry of Agricultrue during 9th Five Year Plan Period, “973 project” and the project of Innovative Team of Beijing Municipal Commission of Education. By now, Mr. Mu has published 196 professional papers and edited 3 works as subeditor.

Research direction:the mechanism of traditional Chinese medicine in prevention and treatment of animal disease and the relationship between the structure of cell environment that animal keep and microvascular,has formed a compelet and unique theory system.


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