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Chen Wu
Author: Time:2013-10-17 22:27:51

Chen Wu (1966~), male, Member of China Democratic League, Doctor, Professor of Beijing University of Agriculture, Master and Ph.D. Instructor.

The main taught courses for undergraduate and postgraduate programmes: ‘Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine’,‘Combination of Chinese And Western Veterinary Clinical Technique’,’Chinese Veterinarian Acupuncture and TCVM Recipe’etc.Responsible for international and advanced studies students training of ‘International Training Center of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine’.

Mainly engaged in the research of CAMP phosphodiesterase activity, expression and traditional Chinese medicine’s anti-inflammatory-growth, acupuncture and moxibustion effect and mechanism.

The Combination of Chinese and Western diagnosis and treatment is received a good evaluation by the Chinese and abroad experts and society in small animal clinical movement dysfunction, cardiovascular diseases, urinary system diseases, skin diseases and difficult miscellaneous diseases.

And he is also the Vice Dean of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science CollegeSecretary-general of Asia Society of Traditional Veterinary MedicineDirector of International Training and Study Center of TCVMStanding director of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine SocietyVice Director of Chinese Veterinary Image SocietyVice Director of Beijing Small Animal Veterinary AssociationGuest professor of Azabu University of JapanDistinguished professor of the clinical medicine institute of Japanese Animal Clinical Research FoundationPh.D. Instructor of Gansu Agriculture UniversityThe team leader of traditional Chinese medicine’s anti-inflammatory-growth of The Funding Project for Academic Human Resources Development in Institutions of Higher Learning under the Jurisdiction of Beijing Municipality (PHR201107134).

The published article as the first author or corresponding author include:

1.DaiXun Jiang, YiShan Chen, XianTao Hou, JianFu Xu, Xiang Mu, Wu Chen. Influence of Paeonta lactiflora roots extract on cAMP-phosphodiesterase activity and related anti-inflammatory action. Journal of Ethnopharmacology 137 (2011) 914–920.

2.J.N. Gu, W. Chen, T.Q. Yu, P. Lu, X. Mu and J.Q. Xu.Detection of cyclic nucleotide phosphodiesterase mRNA in mouse skeletal muscle tissue and primary cultured myocytes Journal of Animal and Feed Sciences, 16, 2007, 696–705.

3. Chen wuJiang Dai-XunLu Zhi-SongChen Yi-ShanLi Ge-BinLi JiaDong HongMu Xiang.The Acupuncture Therapy and its Mechanism of Canine Discopathy.Published by Chi Institute Press ISBN978-1-934786-40-6201224-31.

4.Wu Chen,Daixun Jiang, Yishan Chen,etc.The study and application of new type anti-inflammatory herbal medicines by inhibiting cAMP-Phosphodierasterase activity. Journal of Japanese Traditional veterinary association. Vel 20, No.2 (2012)8-18(in Japanese).

5.Wu Chen, Takashi Ishino. Small Animal Clinical Acupuncture and Moxibustion for The clinical veterinarian.InfoVets2002(5)20051Series of serial 1-33in Japanese.

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