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RenXiaoming, Han nationality, returned oversea doctor, born in Shuangliao, Jilin Province in June, am the executive and professor of Veterinary Medicine Department, Animal Science College, Beijing University of Agriculture, the concurrently vice-executive of Agricultural Laboratory Animal Professional Committee, China Laboratory Animal Science Association, the councilor of Pig Husbandry Chapter and Poultry Husbandry Chapter of China Animal Husbandry Association, the commissioner of Beijing Agriculture and Forestry Committee, JiusanSociety, etc.

Obtained bachelor degree in 1982 from Veterinary Medicine Department, Agricultural College, Yanbian University; obtained the master degree in 1985 from Veterinary Medicine College, China Agricultural University. Studying in Japan as the visiting scholar and oversea student from 1989 to 1997,successively learned and worked in Japan University, Hokkaido University, Azabu University, Japan Laboratory Animal Centre Institute, and obtained the doctor抯 degree.

Before the oversea studying period, had engaged in teaching and researching in the burgeoning field, 搇aboratory animal? and established the branch of the china laboratory animal subject, 揕aboratory Animal Techniques? and edited the teaching material 揕aboratory Animal Techniques?which is the state-compiled textbook of higher learning.

Used to be the former director assistance of Laboratory Animal Institute of China Medicine Academy of Science, the former executive assistance of Laboratory Animal Department of Peking Union Medical College, the former councilor of Wild Animal Branch Committee of China Laboratory Animal Committee, the former director of technology of Sino-US joint venture, Peking Jiuzhoudadi Corporation Group, the former chief executive officer of Feed and Breeding Pig Department of Sino-US joint venture, Peking Resource Corporation Group, the former general councilor of Beijing Laboratory Animal Society, the former general councilor of Beijing Feed Society before taking office in Beijing University of Agriculture as the high level talents in 2004.

Used to edit more than 10 textbooks and monographs as the chief editor including 揕aboratory Animal Technique? 揌yoiatrics? 揚igs?Application In Biomedical Research? 揕aboratory Animal Breeding Science? 揃asic Veterinary Medicine? 揚revention & Cure Against Common Animal Diseases? 揘ew Atlas Of Fish Diseases? 揝mall Animal Soft Tissue Surgery Techniques? 換uick Clinical Diagnosis Guides For Pig Diseases? 揘ew Methods to Raise Pigs? 揌ow To Raise Catfish? 揌ow To Raise Loach? And published more than 40 papers in academic journal at home and abroad.

Won the second class of 揝cience And Technology Progress Prize?presented by Ministry Of Agriculture, the second class of 揃eijing Higher Education Teaching Achievement Prize?and the first class of 揈ducation And Teaching Achievement Prize攐f Beijing University Of Agriculture.


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