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He Xin
Author: Time:2013-10-17 22:22:04

He xin,female,member of the Communist Party of China,vice-professor.Teaches in Beijing University of Agriculture from July 1984. Appointment:Number of Chinese Association of Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine.Executive director of Beijing Feed Society. Teaching Profession:Teaches Feed and Feed Production,Animal Production,Poultry Production,Feed Additives,Animal Nutrition and other several courses.

Research Area:animal nutrition and feed.Being director of the project"Research and Exploiting of Enviornmentally Friendly Feed for Growthing Pig" and "the Influence of Methionine Hydroxy Analogue to the Immune System and Acidifition of Chicken"of Beijing Municipal Education Commission.Being associated director of project"the Research of Phytase's Utilization of Ca,P,Zn,Mn in Daily Feed of Lying Hen"of Beijing Natural Found.Being main participant in Beijing Municipal Education Commission project,Beijing Natural Found sponsored project,Department of Agriculture sponsored project,Beijing Agricultural Committee sponsored project and so on,ten times in totally.

Publications:Edited and published three teaching material:Animal Nutrition and Feed;foundation of Animal Nutrition;Feed and Feeding Activity as an editor in chief. Participated in editing and publishing "Eleventh Five Year Plan" teaching material and much of teaching materials,participated in editing four Professional works.Published forty professional papers in totally.

Award:The Third-class award of Beijing Science and Technology Progress Prize;The Second-class award of Beijing Agricultural Technology Promotion;The Third-class award of Beijing Agricultural Technology Promotion and other several prizes.

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