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Wang Zhanhe
Author: Time:2013-10-17 22:20:45

Zhanhe Wang, born in Beijing ,August 1983 Graduated of Beijing University of Agriculture, received a Bachelors degree of agriculture, July 1999 Graduate of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences.  Now is  A n  Associate professor of  Beijing University of Agriculture.

Field of research: animal production science.

Taught undergraduate courses: animal production science. Animal  breeding.

Representative results:

l  2010 annual scientific and technological package engineering excellent organization workers

l  In 2006 the second prize of agro-technical popularization

l    China science and technology consulting service center agricultural professional committee of experts  

l  In 2003, the Beijing association for science and technology Jinqiao the high quality project of the third prize

l  Beijing science and technology to the countryside agricultural professional expert panel members

l  In 1999 the ministry of agriculture issued by the ministry of science and technology progress prize third prize



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