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Chen Xiangning
Author: Time:2013-10-17 19:23:19

Chinese name:陈湘宁        Pinyinchen xiangning

Chen Xiangning professor of Food Science and Engineering college


Contact Information

Englishname:  Chen Xiangning


Office:     Food  Science and Engineering College       


Office Phone:          010-80799174

Office Fax:

Recruitment Status:   accepting graduate students

Websites:  http://www.

Education & Experience:

    1989.9~1993.7 graduated fromfood science professional of the Beijing University of agricultural engineering   got bachelor's degree;

    1993.9~1996.7  graduated from agricultural products processing and storage professional of China  Agriculture University  got Master's degree;

    2004.9~2008.7 graduated fromFood science and engineering of China  Agriculture University   got Doctoral degree;

    1996.4~now Food science and engineering college of Beijing University of Agriculture  A teacher.

Research Interests:

  I focus on food safety management, fruit and vegetable preservation, processing and functional  studies. Not only pay attention to scientific theory study, but also focus on the application  and transformation of the achievements and social service work.

  Vegetable processing enterprises which I responsible for designing and reforming cover all large vegetable processing enterprises in Beijing. Great experience in food safety management.

  Be food audit experts on-site in Olympic.The self-development of the agricultural product  quality safety monitoring system has been  used in government and business successfully.The scientific research of fresh vegetables has been successfully applied to Olympic for the whole fruit cleaning and supplied distribution center for Pizza Hut and KFC as well.

  I am always taking charge in the research of persimmons process and function,and I have got great improvement in the the persimmon antioxidant and functional studies which has been reached   international advanced level.

  Currently I'm leading in Beijing vegetable processing flow programme to solve important problems and spread the results of improving the self-sufficiency rate of leafy vegetables and reducing attrition rates.

Primary Teaching Area:

  Food safety and sanitation;Grain and oil processing;Food enzymology;Food technology principle;Plant raw material processing technology;Food quality and management;Food standards and regulations;Food processing and security discussion.

Positions & Employment:


In 2004 attains the "Beijing Science and Technology Nova" project funding;

In 2010 attains the Beijing "the backbone ofyoungandmiddle-aged teachers" project funding;In 2010 attains the Beijing "Excellent Talents" project funding;In 2011attains the "Beijing University of Agriculture college graduate employment outstanding contribution award for teachers"

Profile:(Only 500 Words)

Nearly five years chaired and completed a number of provincial and ministerial level scientific research topic: including provincial demonstration project "establishresearching and demonstrated system of fresh-keeping key technology on fresh-cut vegetables and safety production management"; the Beijing excellent talents funding projects "the study on relationship between persimmon polyphenols and antioxidant activity"; the Beijing backbone of young and middle-agedteachers funding project "the study on separation of promoting ADH active substance from persimmon and its action mechanism". "research and demonstration of Edible mushroom preservation technology ", "achievement transformation of functional food of persimmon ", "fresh-cut processing demonstration project of Beijing Tian An agricultural Cor. ". As the first participant in national research subject(863 program)"the pathogenic bacteriasafety control technology ofedible agricultural products ".

Currently,the member of Beijing youth federation, and as a technology representatives, participate in the Eighth Congress of the Beijing Association for Science and Technology. Based on the contribution of vegetables industry and the achievements for Beijing, I have invited as the post experts of Beijing leafy vegetables industry system innovation team by the Beijing municipal bureau of agriculturein 2012, as the director of processing circulation and industrial economy research, obtain scientific research demonstration and popularization special support.

Nearly five years published more than 20 articles, 13 articlespublished on the national journals as the first author. Conference papers 2 articles. 3monographs (or materials) published national pressas the first author, In compiling teaching material 1.Accepts the patent 2 items, and 5 copyrights safety management in vegetables by national.




Selected Publications:

1.Radical Scavenging Activity and Phenolic Compounds in Persimmon (Diospyros kaki L. cv. Mopan),Journal of Food Science,2008.12(SCI)

2.Antioxidant Research of Persimmon Extraction in Ionizing Radiation Mice,Advanced Materials Research,2012.1(EI);

3.Research progress in preservation of postharvest edible fungi,Advanced Materials Research,2012.6(EI);

4.The study on persimmon functional component and nutrition research medicinal value(monographs).China's agriculture press.2011.5

5.The research on Persimmon of the separation and purification of phenolic compounds and function (monographs).China's agriculture press,2012.2.


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