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Gao Xiuzhi
Author: Time:2013-10-17 19:18:24

Chinese name(中文):高秀芝 Pinyin(拼音):Gao Xiuzhi

Lecturer of Food Science and Engineering  at Beijing University of Agriculture (BUA)





Contact Information(联系信息)

Englishname(英文名): Gao Xiuzhi




Office Phone(办公电话): 010-80799174         

Office Fax(传真):010-80799174

Recruitment Status(接受研究生情况):   accepting graduate students

Websites(个人网站):     http://www.

Education & Experience(教育及工作经历):

1995.9-1999.7   Bachelor Degree in Biology Department of Tianjin Normal University

1999.9-2002.6   Master Degree in Food and Fermentation Technology College of Tianjin University of Commerce

2006.9-2008.6   Ph. D Degree in Agriculture and Biotechnology College of China Agricultural of University

Since 2002      Teacher in Beijing University of Agriculture


Research Interests(研究方向):

1. Microbial diversity of fermented food

2. Bacillus of soybean paste fibrinolytic enzyme activity

3. Bacteriostasis function of Bacillus


Primary Teaching Area(主讲课程): Agricultural Microbiology; Environmental Microbiology; General Biology; Nutrition & Health

Positions & Employment(社会职务及活动): Member: of Beijing Food Institute


Profile(自我评价或他人评价):(Only 500 Words)

My major is Food Microbiology, especially in Microbial Diversity of Fermented food (Chinese traditional fermented food). The main research program is Harmful microbial diversity analysis and safety evaluation during soybean paste fermentation (the general program of the science and technology development project of the Beijing Municipal Education Commission).




Selected Publications(代表成果):


1.         Gao Xiu-zhi,Ai Qi-jun, Tong Qi-gen, Xu wen-sheng, Wang Xiao-dong, Yi Xin-xin, Zhang Qi-zeng, Cui Zong-Jun Dynamics of Nutrients and Physical Parameters during Traditional and Commercial Soybean Pastes Fermentation. Journal of Chinese Institute of Food Science and Technology, 2013,13(2): 207-210

2.         Gao Xiu-zhi, Fan Xing, Sun Bo,Wang Xiao-dong, Zhang Hong-xing, Liu Hui. Study on Fermentation Technology of Natto Paste by Soybean Paste Bacillus. Food Science and Technology, 2013,4:82-84

3.         Gao Xiu-Zhi , Liu Hui, Wang Xiao-dong, Yi Xin-xin,Cui Zong-Jun. Dynamics of Nutrients and Physical and Chemical Parameters during Yanji Traditional Soybean Pastes Fermentation. Journal of Beijing University of Agriculture,2012,773-76

4.         Gao Xiu-zhiWang Xiao-fenLiu Hui,Tong Qi-gen,Wang Xiao-dong, Zhang Qi-zeng, Cui Zong-Jun.Microbial Diversity of Tianyuan Jiangyuan Soybean Paste during Fermentation as Analyzed by PCR-DGGE. Food Science, 2011, 32(1): 112-114

5.         Gao Xiu-Zhi , Wang Xiao-fen, Li Xian-mei,Yi Xin-xin,Cui Zong-Jun. Comparison of Nutrients and Microbial Diversity between Traditional and Commercial Soybean Pastes. Food Science, 2009, 30 (3): 222-226

6.         Gao Xiu-Zhi, Wang Xiao-fen, Li Xian-mei, Zhang Qi-zeng,Tong Qi-gen, Liu Yi-qian, Cui Zong-Jun. Dynamics of Nutrients and Physical and Chemical Parameters during Fermentation of Tianyuan Jiangyuan Soybean Paste. Food Science, 2008, 29(9): 352-354

7.         Xiu-zhi Gao, Xiao-Fen Wang, Xian-Mei Li, Hui Wang, Meng-ying Li, Wei Zhang, Zong-Jun Cui.Changes of Nutrition and Bacterial Diversity during Traditional Soypaste Fermentation. Microbiology China , 2008,(5): 748-753


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