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Gao Jianming
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Gao Jianming, from Beijing, member of the Communist Party of China, graduated from the animal husbandry major of Beijing University of Agriculture and got bachelor of agriculture degree in 1983, got master of animal reproduction of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences in 1996.Teaches in Beijing University of Agriculture from 1983. Worked as teaching assistant, lecturer and associate professor separately during 1983-1988, 1988-1997 and 1997-2002. Professor of animal science and technology college of Beijing University of Agriculture since 2002, tutor for graduate of basic veterinary medicine, clinical veterinary medicine and breeding field (professional degree). Research area: animal reproductive biotechnology.The main research is about the mechanism of mammalian ovary, gamete and embryo development. And researched the effect of Chinese traditional medicine effective components on embryo development in vitro as the first in domestic and foreign. Social Appointments: executive director of Animal Reproductive Committee of Chinese Association of Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine, director of Beijing Association of Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine. Reviewer of Scintia Agricultura Sinica, Acta Veterinaria et Zootechnica Sinica, Chinese Journal of Animal Science, etc.Rated as the key member of the outstanding young teacher of institution of higher education in Beijing and selected as the cross-century talents of Beijing, the academic leader of Beijing University of Agriculture and the advanced worker in imparting knowledge and educating people of Beijing University of Agriculture. Awarded Excellent Copywriter Honor certificate by the Collection Activity of 10000 scientific problems, which was jointly hosted in 2011 by Ministry of Education, Ministry of Science and Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Committee of  National Natural Science Foundation of China. Rated as the excellent reviewer by Scintia Agricultura Sinica in 2010 and the Mentor of Beijing University of Agriculture who make prominent contribution to the problem  of graduate students finding jobs in 2011.

Teaching Profession

Undertakes some undergraduate courses such as Animal Reproduction, Animal Embryonic Engineering,    Mammalian Sex Control, Method of Scientific Research and some graduate courses such as Advanced Animal Histology and Embryology, Animal reproduction theory and biotechnology, Experimental Design and scientific paper writing and so on.

Instructed postgraduates to win the prizes of distinguished paper in the academic conferences that were held by Animal Reproductive Committee of Chinese Association of Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine in 2006, 2008 and 2012. Meanwhile, some postgraduates were admitted to Dr. of China Agricultural University and Peking University and some were rated as the excellent postgraduate of Beijing University of Agriculture.

Scientific Research

As one of main backbone members, participated and contributed to the achievement of 4 major research projects such as National Natural Science Foundation of China, National scientific and technological project and the key research projects of Beijing Science and Technology Commission. As a director, many research projects that were funded by Beijing Education Commission, Beijing Natural Science Foundation and Open Projects were completed. For now, taking charge of one Beijing Natural Science Foundation named "Research on the effectiveness of Chinese traditional medicine monomer in regulating anti-apoptosis gene miRNA-21" (No.6112004), and one High Quality Paper project of Beijing University of Agriculture named "Efeect and mechanism of Dnmt3a during follicular thecal cells differentiation in mice" (No.Gl2012006). Participating the "Academic Innovation Team Ponstructing Project" which is the Academic Human Resources Development in Institutions of Higher Learning Under the Jurisdiction of Beijing Municipality and in charge of the part about "Effect of heat-stress on animal reproduction and embryo development". In charge of a sub subject of National Twelve-Five Technological Supported Plan of China (No.2011BAD34B01-07). By now, won one third prize of National Scientific and Technological Progress, one second prize of Beijing Scientific and Technological Progress, one second prize of Shanghai Scientific and Technological Progress and one Beijing Invention Exhibition gold medal. Edited and publishedtwo teaching materials as an editor inchief and participated in editing and publishing six teaching materials. Edited and published three works as an editor inchief. Published more than 80 papers as first author or corresponding author.

Representative Publications

1. SHI Ya-ran, WANG Zhan-he, CAO Yong-chun, LU Yan, TIAN Jin-ling, ZHANG Chao, JIA Zi-ye, CHEN Wu, GAO Jian-ming*. Relationships between Icariin and anti-apoptotic MiRNA-21 in mouse blastocyst development in vitro. Journal of Integrative Agriculture, 2013,13(4):663-669 (SCI  IF:0.527)

2. Tian Jin-Ling, Zhong You-Gang, Liu Lin, Guo Kai-Jun, Cao Yong-Chun, Shi Ya-Ran, Zhang Chao, Jia Zi-Ye, Liu Feng-Hua and Gao Jian-Ming*.The effective mechanism of heat stress on mouse embryo implantation. Advanced Materials Research, 2013,749:309-317 (EI)

3. G Jianming, X Jie, Z Zhao, Z Ju, X Rongke, L Xiaoran, W Bo, S Yaran. Effect of Icariin on development and apoptosis of porcine IVF embryos in vitro. Reproductioinn in Domesric Animal, 2012,47(supplement 5):90 (SCI  IF:1.356)

4. LIU Xiao-ran, LI Dong-dong, Zhong You-gang, SHI Ya-ran, ZHANG Chao, ZHANG Song, Liu lin, GAO Jian-ming*.Study on the variation of Dnmts expression during follicular theca cells maturation in mouse. Scientia Agricultura Sinica, 2011,44(24) :5108-5116

5. Zhao J, Xiang R K, Xu J, Zhao Z, Wu B, Liu X R, Zhang Y H, Gao J M*. Effects of icariin on the level of NO and malondialdehyde during development of porcince in vitro fertilization early embryos. Acta Anatomica Sinica, 2010,41 (4): 636-638.

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