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Lu Lin
Author: Time:2013-10-17 22:18:15

Lu Lin, who was born in the Yanchen county of Shandong province, got his Ph.D from Nanjing Agricultural University. He has been the associated professor of Animal Science in Beijing University of Agriculture since 2006, and been the director of the College of Animal Science and Technology since 2007. In 2012, he was selected as a main scientist of China Agriculture Research System Dairy cattle-related Science and Technology Innovation Team of Peking. Meanwhile, he was also the main justice member of China Green Food Center of the Chinese Ministry  of Agriculture. Dr. Lu’s special field has mainly been focused on the ruminat nitrition and environmental control of cattle industry. At present, he has got the financial support from more than 6 grants belonging respectively to our National Ministry of Agriculture and Beijing Municipal Government. In addition, he was also selected as one of the main scientist of China Agriculture Research System Poultry-related Science and Technology Innovation Team of Peking. He has published for more than 28 papers and about 10 books. He also got Grade II Prize of Agricultural Technical Application, and the honour of Excellent Young Teacher from Beijing Municipal Government.

Main Publications

[1]Lin Lu,Feige Yang, Yunhai Liu,Hemin Ni,Yong Guo, Peishi Yan. Butyrolactone-I Reversibly Inhibits but does not Improve the Maturation and Subsequent Development of Sheep Oocytes In vitro[J].Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances, 2013,12(1):17-23

[2] Lu L., Xia Z.G., Lin M. , Wang X.X. and Meng Q.X.. Effects of dietary concentrate level on ruminal fermentation and microbial growth efficiency in dual flow continuous culture[J].Journal of Animal and Feed Sciences,2007,16Suppl 2):201-206

[3] LU Lin, YAN Peishi, MENG Xiuxiang, FENG Jinchao, XU Hongfa, YANG Qisen, FENG Zoujian. Behavioral patterns of captive alpine musk deer: sex-specific behavior comparisons[J] Front. Agric.China,2009,3(3):300-303

[4] Peng X. Q., Lu Lin, Li Yan and Yan Peishi. Mammary Cell Turnover under High Temperature during the Dry Period in Dairy Cows[J]. Asian-Aust. J. Anim. Sci., 2011, 24 (4):485492

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