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College of Bioscience and Resource Environment
Author: Time:2013-09-30 15:14:59

   Font in 2002, College of Biological Science and Engineering (CBSE, former name is Department of Biotechnology, which is merge from part of the department of agriculture, department of horticulture, department of animal husbandry and veterinary as well as the Beijing key laboratory for agricultural application and new technology. The department Renamed as the College of Biotechnology (CB) in April 2010. CBSE established on the basis of CB in September 2012) is a comprehensive institute at Beijing University of Agriculture (BUA), which shoulders missions involving teaching, research and student management. There are around 500 students majoring biotechnology and bioengineering at CBSE, who will graduate as pragmatic talents with innovation spirits nourished by CBSE motto--"Foundation, Technology and Practice". Besides, CBSE is in charge of the course and textbook building covering the fields of plant science and animal science at BUA.

  There are two departments at CBSE - department of biotechnology and department of bioengineering - with three teaching and research centers including the key laboratory of urban agriculture application (north), ministry of agriculture, the biology teaching laboratory and the center of tissue culture.

  There are 41 faculty members at CBSE, with 19 teaching staff, 7 researchers, 9 research assistants .CBSE faculty include 6 professors (2 second level professors), 9 associate professors and 1 senior technician. Among them, there are 52% with Doctoral Degree, 33% with Master Degree. 11 staff members have oversees learning or training experience.

  All the research at CBSE works serve the goal of discipline construction, team building and teaching improvement. The faculty members won 1 second prize in National Science and Technology Progress Award, 1 first prize in Science and Technology Progress Award by the Ministry of Education, 2 first prize and 2 second prize in the Beijing Science and Technology Award, 2 first prize inBeijing Agricultural Technology Promotion Award, 1 first prize in National Commercial Scientific and Technological Progress Award, 1 first prize in Beijing Education Teaching Achievements and 8 prizes in Beijing University of Agriculture Education Teaching Achievements. The Ministry of Agriculture has identified “Silver Waxy One” as a new maize species. CBSE authorized 46 state invention patent, published 55 SCI papers.

  According to the statistics in recent years, one-time signing rate for CBSE graduates is more than 95%. 16% of the graduates further their studies either at home or abroad; 6% work in educational institutions or research institutes; 16% work in biomedicine and food industry; 15% engage themselves in the jobs involving administration; 12% serve in the grassroots level organizations like village or residential community; 21% find job in various types of enterprises and institutions; 14% of the graduates start their own businesses.

  The 21st century is the era of life science. CBSE faculty and students will embrace the bright future with the efforts to build a harmonious research environment and optimized organization structure.