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Congratulation: our post-graduate is qualified Chinese Governmental scholarship for studying abroad
Author: Time:2015-05-28 16:27:55



Recently, the China Scholarship Council (CSC) sent a congratulation letter to Ms. Meichao Gu of Beijing University of Agriculture (BUA), awarding her the Chinese Governmental Scholarship to sponsor her upcoming study abroad.

Since the signature of the Memorandum of Understanding between BUA and Turin University (TU) in 2012, the two universities keep close cooperation and exchanges. According to the cooperation agreement, TU will receive master degree graduate students of BUA to pursue doctorate degree. In April 2015, BUA organized the master degree graduate students to apply for Chinese Governmental Scholarship of CSC to pursue PhD degree in TU. Ms. Meichao Gu passed the TU’s audit and interview, CSC’s evaluation, and got the Chinese Governmental Scholarship for study abroad. Ms. Meichao Gu will be co-tutored by Prof. Yong Guo of BUA and Prof. Alfredo Pauciullo of TU. This is the first time that BUA student is awarded the Chinese Governmental Scholarship of CSC. This is also the first time that BUA sent abroad to partner universities for PhD study.

Hereby, we express our congratulations to Ms. Meichao Gu to be awarded the Chinese Governmental Scholarship and have the opportunity to pursue PhD degree abroad. We hope the BUA students can learn from Ms. Meichao Gu, studying hard and doing scientific research continuously, making efforts to get a brighter future.




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