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【China Daily】 When it comes to wine, we should adapt, not adopt
Author: Time:2018-04-04 16:25:39


During the explosion of trade between Britain and East Asian countries inthe 17th century, tea was introduced to the country and rapidly supersededcoffee as the national drink, albeit with the novel addition of a dash of milkand some sugar.

And just asBritain adopted, then adapted, tea to suit local tastes to make it thecountry's most popular beverage, China is witnessing a similar revolution inits relationship with wine.

Although wineproduction has a long history in China, it has never been the country's tippleof choice - even to the present day. The increasing consumption of wine inChina may be largely due to the country's opening-up, where improving standardsof living have gradually brought wine into Chinese people's lives.


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