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Xu Yiqing
Author: Time:2013-10-17 19:29:47

Chinese name:徐艺青       Pinyinxuyiqing

Associate Professor of Food Science and Engineering

Contact Information:13520937333

Englishname: Yiqing Xu


Office:No  in Food Building             


Office Phone:010-80794186

 Office Fax:010-80799170

Recruitment Status:   accepting graduate students

Websites:     http://www.

Education & Experience:

1980.9-1984.6: Bachelor Degree in Beijing University of Agriculture

2009.9-2003.7: Master Degree in China University of Agriculture

Since 1984.9: Teacher in Beijing University of Agriculture 

Research Interests:

Food Processing  : Animal products processing and preservation

                  Meat and milk processing

Primary Teaching Area:

Animal products processing; Safety Control of Animal products; Meat Science

Positions & Employment: Teacher


Good project of Rainbow Engineering in 2006.Academician of China Animal Products Institute. Academician of China Institute of Food.

Profile:(Only 500 Words)

I am Yiqing Xu. I was a post graduated supervisor in Beijing University of Agriculture since 2007.5 pieces of research papers have been published. Research projects of 3 items have been undertaken .. 1 textbooks of college and university have been subedited in2012.

(1) Research of Cold Shock Treatment on Storage of Low- temperature Ham

XING Hai-xiaXU YiqingYI Xin-xinWANG Xiao-dong .Innovational Edition of Farm Products Processing.2010.3

(2) Research on the Applicalion Characteristics of Direct-vat-starter(DVS) for Mijiunai

HE Huan-xiao,WANG Jun-ying,XU Yi-qing. Journal of Anhui Agricultural Sciences.2012.

(3) Preparation of a Direct-vat-starter for Traditional Cheese Manufacture. WangJun-ying, XuYiqing Modern food Science & Technology.2010, 26(11)

(4) Effect of Essential Oil Extracted by Different Methods from Spice on Bacteriostasis of Low-temperature Meat Products. SUN Ting-ting,Xu Yi-qing.TinAcademic Periodical of Farm Products Processing. 2012, (7)

(5)The anti- fatigue effect of Nitraria seed oil on mice.MA Ting-jun,XU Yi-qing.Acta Laboratorium Animalis Scientia Sinica2012.20(5)

Selected Publications:



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