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Brief Introduction of the College
Author: Time:2013-10-17 19:03:28

The Food Science and Engineering is composed of three undergraduate programs, such as Food Science and Engineering, Food Quality and Safety, and Packing Engineering; among others, the Food Science and Engineering is a Beijing municipal specialty, while the agricultural products processing and storage projects is the key construction discipline of Beijing City. The college is equipped with Beijing Municipal Practice Demonstration Center of “Urban Agricultural Food Safety and Processing Teaching Center”, Beijing Key Laboratory for Safety Testing & Controlling of Harmful Microorganisms of Agricultural Products and Pesticide Residues, first-level discipline master station of Food Science and Engineering, professional degree authorization for food processing and master of agricultural extension in security domain. Meanwhile, the Green Packaging Professional Committee of Chinese Society for Environmental Sciencesis affiliated to the Beijing University of Agriculture, which provides powerful support for the major construction of the university. Now, there are more than 810 undergraduates and postgraduates in the university.

There are 49 teaching and administrative staffs in the university, among others, including 10 professors, 9 associate professors, 2 senior experimentalists, 4 returnees of studying abroad, 20 lecturers, 20 master tutors, with professors and associate professors account for more than 50% of total teachers. In the teachers’ team, there are 18 people with doctorates, 4 people with postdoctoral degrees and 3 teachers with part-time doctorates; finally, an active and vivid teaching team is formed with high education background, reasonable structure and high quality.

The college has complete facilities. The Urban Agricultural Food Safety and Food Processing Teaching Center is Beijing municipal demonstration center. Now, its usable areas of current laboratories are about 4,000 square meters with 13 teaching laboratories, such as food microbiology testing, physical and chemical testing of food analysis, food biological testing, storage and processing of fruits and vegetables, animal products processing, food engineering etc. Meanwhile, it has equipped with related instruments and equipment, for instance, beverage production lines, small size beer production lines, wine production lines, small refrigerators, LC-MS, GC-MS, HPLC, food processing equipment of high pressure, supercritical extraction equipment, automatic rapid microbial identification system, food quality tester etc. with the total vale about more than 20 million yuan, which may satisfy the teaching requirements of different majors of our college and related majors of our university.

The university emphasizes on training of practical skill and ability, and has established 4 university practice bases, such as wine production line, production line of fruit and vegetable juice, dairy production and food materials production base etc. Meanwhile, the university has established 16 outside university practice bases with Beijing Redleaf Wine Co., Ltd, Beijing Sanyuan Dairy Co., Ltd, Inspection and Quarantine Technology Center of Beijing Import and Export Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, Beijing Kwinbon Biotechnology Co., Ltd, Beijing DQY Agriculture Technology Co., Ltd, Beijing Tongzhou Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, Yongfeng Branch of Beijing Physical and Chemical Analysis Center, Cooking Branch of Beijing Fifth Meat Factory, and Beijing Liubiju Food Co., Ltd etc, among others Beijing Redleaf Wine Co., Ltd is an excellent municipal personnel training base of our university.

In recent years, the university has undertaken 5 national level projects, 5 Beijing municipal natural science funds, 29 projects of Beijing Municipal Education Commission, 7 projects of Beijing Science and Technology Commission, as well as more than 20 horizontal tasks and 21 school level tasks with 11.2769 million yuan of research funding totally. Meanwhile, it has 8 provincial awards for scientific and technological advancement and teaching achievements, and other 13 different awards, as well as 18 national patents for invention. There were more than 400 theses issued in significant academic journals at home and abroad successively, and more than 30 teaching materials, masterpieces, science books and related works.

Currently, the graduates have perfect employment status with its one-time employment rate increasing continually every year; in 2012, it has reached 98%. The graduates have wide scope of employment and distributed in food inspection unit of government, food processing enterprises, food quarantine inspection department and catering service and other industries to engage in technical or management works, such as PepsiCo Foods (China) Co., Ltd, Uni-president, Cadbury Food Co., Ltd, Yum! Brands, Inc, Beijing Air Catering Co., Ltd, China Quanjude Catering Group, Bright Dairy& Food, Sanyuan Dairy, Mengniu Dairy and related companies, Health Authority of Beijing city and related districts, Beijing Customs etc. With favorable reflection of employers, many graduates have become the backbones of their units.

(Last Updated on March 2013)