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College of Landscape Architecture
Author: Time:2013-10-13 21:59:38

The College of Landscape Architecture developed from the department of forestry, which was established in 1979. The original Horticulture department changed its name in March, 2010. With the rapid development and great efforts in many ways of the university in many years, it makes itself grow stronger unceasingly. Nowadays, it has become a secondary college with canonical management control system, distinctive characteristicsdistinctive specialized courses,, strong and qualified teaching facultyabundant ,and remarkable good teaching conditions. There are an agricultural extension (Forestry) professional master's degree programs, two national first level disciplines (Landscape Architecture and Forestry), one Beijing municipal key constructionsecondary discipline(Garden Plants and Ornamental Horticulture). These are four bachelor's degree programs, including Landscape Architecture, art design, forestry and tourism management.Undergraduate Admissions are Landscape architecture (Divided intothe landscape and garden plant direction),Forestry, Environmental Design (City environment art direction), and TourismManagement (Eco-tourism direction).Besides, Landscape architecture is one of Beijing characteristic specialty.

There are 62 teaching and administrative staff in College of Landscape Architecture and 48 of them are full-time teachers. There are 10 professors and 23 associate professors, one senior experimentalist. 21 teachers are Master's tutors, There are 1 Beijing distinguished teacher, 1 New-Star of Science and Technology supported by Beijing Metropolis, and 8 Beijing Outstanding Young Teachers, and 6 Beijing excellent talents. There are 1 Beijing excellent teaching team.

The school has an experimental center, including two undergraduate laboratories-garden design and landscape engineering, garden plants and ecological ;one graduate student laboratory, including garden planning and designing room, drawing room, computer-aided designing room, environment and ecology room, tree and flower room, art room, model making workshops, tour guide simulation laboratory and so on. There is a nursery base covering an area of 25 mu on the campus. In the Eest Park of Beijing University of Agricultural Science and Technology, there is a 20 mu modern flowers nursery stock base including differen types of greenhouses of 5,000 square meters, and West Park has a garden trees planting base of 20 mu. Off-campus practice bases are built in many places, including the Beijing extramural talent training base named "Baihua Mountain National Nature Reserve", and two university outstanding practice teaching bases and an excellent base for the new rural construction.

The college adheres to cultivating applied compound talents. The graduate student number exceeds 70, and employment rate of arrives at 100%. There are about 1000 undergraduate students, and the employment rate exceeds 96%. Many graduates have became the elites of the urban and rural ecological environment construction industries, and made positive contributions to the capital suburban and regional economic development.

For a long time, college focuses on the urban and rural ecological environment construction. “The rural landscape planning and design of engineering technology research center of Beijing” was approved as Beijing engineering technology research center at 2012. The engineering technology research center has three research directions: rural landscape and rural recreation planning and design, landscape ecological engineering and rural landscape ecological evaluation. This center make contributions to realizing the integration of urban and rural development and the construction of rural service, providing more theory, method, technology and practical demonstration for Beijing beautiful countryside landscape ecological construction.

The college has made achievement in tree and flower cultivation and breeding, fine variety breeding, cultivation physiological, ecological engineering, and urban and rural landscape planning and design, and has won 16 awards, including the National Invention Award, and the provincial and ministerial level awards. In recent three years, the number of scientific research projects undertaked is more than 300, the project fund exceeds 400 million, 15 patents have been approved, 9 new varieties have been authorized, more than 360 scientific papers and 6 monographs have been published, and nearly150 teaching materials compiled have been publised.

The college works closely with Party team and obeys the system of party and government joint meeting seriously. In recent years, the college has got the awards of advanced party organization of Beijing University of Agriculture, advanced secondary center group, advanced collective of security and stability. The party construction of college is premoted solidly and steadily, and the party branch of student has won the first prize of Beijing red "1+1" activity in twice. There is good and positive study style in this collegeand the students have won many awards in different races of Beijing.

In the long-term educational practice, the college always keeps to the motto --“Based on the capital and services related to agriculture, rural areas and farmers, and face to the whole country”. Taking "twelfth five-year" planning as the goal, the teachers and students of college constantly strengthen the connotation construction,  and surrouding the discipline construction, keep pace with the times, explore, and innovate to contributing to buliding our unviersity into a distinctive and multidisciplinary integration of urban modern agriculture and forestry university.

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