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College of Economics and Management
Author: Time:2023-11-26 16:09:33

Developed successively from the following stages as the Department of Agricultural Economics, the Department of Economy and Trade, and the Department of Economics and Management, the College was officially renamed the College of Economics and Management in 2008. After several generations of efforts, the College of Economics and Management has formed the fine traditions of “truth seeking, rigorous scholarship, and practical orientation”, and achieved substantial progress in education.

Accurate Educational Positioning: The educational positioning of the college is a high-level applied college that is based on the mutual promotion of teaching and scientific research. By offering wide-caliber professional education based on general education in economics and management science and highlighting the talent cultivation goals of “solid foundation, wide caliber, practice orientation, strong capability, bold innovation, and distinct characteristics”, the college aims to cultivate composite applied talents in economics and management with solid theoretical foundation, broad international vision, high comprehensive quality, as well as strong practical abilities and innovative and entrepreneurial abilities, who can adapt to the demands of economic development in the capital and its surrounding areas.

Sound Teaching System: The college has formed a disciplinary layout of “one body and two wings”, that is, Agricultural and Forestry Economics and Management as the body, supplemented by Business Administration and Applied Economics as the two wings. In this way, the college undertakes the “management” branch of BUA’s disciplinary system of “agriculture, engineering, and management”. The college relies on BUA’s postdoctoral scientific research workstations to cultivate postdoctoral fellows in Agricultural and Forestry Economics and Management. Since 2018, it has partnered with China Agricultural University for the joint training of doctoral candidates. The college also has two academic Master’s degree programs in the first-level disciplines of Agricultural and Forestry Economics and Management and Business Administration, two professional Master’s degree programs in Agricultural Management and International Business, as well as four undergraduate specialties in Agricultural and Forestry Economics and Management, International Economy and Trade, Accounting and Accounting (ACCA Experimental Class), and Business Administration. Among these four undergraduate specialties, the specialty of Agricultural and Forestry Economics and Management is a national characteristic specialty, and that of International Economy and Trade is a Beijing municipal first-class specialty. The college has preliminarily established a multi-specification, multi-level school-running pattern and talent cultivation system of “undergraduate students, Master candidates, doctoral candidates, and postdoctoral fellows”. The college currently has more than 1,200 undergraduate students, 260 postgraduate students, and three postdoctoral fellows.

Advanced Teaching Conditions: Besides over 40 off-campus practice bases and a practical teaching center of over 2,000 m2, there are nine professional laboratories, covering rural and regional planning, foreign trade training, financial simulation, accounting, ERP training, enterprise management consulting, cross-specialty comprehensive training, brand planning and new media operation training in the college. The college also owns two “Excellent Undergraduate Education Teams of Universities in Beijing” (i.e., Agricultural and Forestry Economics and Management as well as International Economy and Trade),  offers one high-quality course in Beijing, compiled one high-quality textbook of Beijing and more than 20 planned textbooks at or above the provincial or ministerial level. It also has won one first prize and two second prizes of the “Beijing Education and Teaching Achievement Award”. The Experimental Teaching Center for Economics and Management was rated as a “Beijing Municipal Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center” in 2016.

Continuously Optimized Teaching Staff: During the 63 faculty members, 51 are full-time teachers, in which 17 are professors, 23 are associate professors, and five are doctoral supervisors. 84.3% of the faculty own doctoral degree. There is also one member of the Teaching Steering Committee of the Ministry of Education, one expert enjoying the State Council special allowance, one “Ministry of Education New Century Outstanding Talent”, two “Beijing Great Wall Scholars”, two “Outstanding Teachers of Beijing High-level Innovation and Entrepreneurship Talent Support Program”, three “Prominent Teachers of Beijing”, one “Beijing Excellent Teacher”, five “Experts of the Beijing Innovation Team”, three “Beijing Young Top-notch Talents”, nine “Beijing Young Backbone Teachers”, as well as one external specially-appointed professor. The college also hires more than 20 domestic and foreign well-known scholars and entrepreneurs as part-time professors for years.

Increasingly Perfect Scientific Research Platforms: Two provincial-level research bases named the Beijing New Rural Construction Research Base and the Beijing Technical Service Center of the National Modern Agriculture Demonstration Zone settled in the college. Over the past decade, the college has completed 12 national-level projects and over 150 international cooperation and provincial-level or above scientific research projects, with an average annual research funding of over ten million yuan. It has published over 90 academic monographs and over 50 textbooks, and also has published more than 800 papers in domestic and foreign academic journals. More than 40 scientific research achievements have been applied. In addition, the college has won over 80 scientific research awards at all levels, including one national second prize as well as three first prizes, eight second prizes, and 15 third prizes at provincial and ministerial levels. The Beijing New Rural Construction Research Base has been included in the “Chinese Think Tank Index (CTTI)”.

Constantly Expanded International Talent Cultivation: Since 2011, the “3+1+1” combined Bachelor-Master’s degree Program launched jointly by the college and the University of Northumbria at Newcastle in the UK has helped nearly 50 students realize their dream of studying abroad, thereby achieving the college's international talent cultivation goal of “three degrees within five years”. In 2020, the ACCA Experimental Class of Accounting was launched to cultivate international accounting talents. In 2018, the college joined the “Research Alliance for International Construction of Business Schools at High-level Applied Universities” to actively explore the path of international certification by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) for the College of Economics and Management.