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College of Humanities and Law
Author: Time:2013-10-17 16:28:59


College of Humanities and Law was officially inaugurated in September, 2012. Its precursor was the Department of Social Science, which was founded in the year of 1997. In 1997, it began to recruit junior college students majored in law. After attaining the degree awarding entitlement in June, 2001, it began to enroll undergraduates of law, and two years later, undergraduates of social work. In 2011, it began to enroll students of Master of Agricultural Extension.

College of Humanities and Law undertakes the main duties of talent development in majors of law, social work and MAE, of major construction and of scientific research. Besides, College of Humanities and Law also provide legal consultation for some relative departments of Beijing University of Agriculture.

College of Humanities and Law includes the Departments of Law and the Department of Social Work, has its own teaching facilities, such as the reference room, the legal training center, and the social work laboratory. It has such research institutes as Agriculture Law Research Center and Institute for Sociological Research; it also has some institutions serving the community and the society, for instance, agricultural law website, the legal service center for agricultural problems, Warm-hearted Social Worker Agency of Changping District and so on. Students of our college can also go to some practice bases to apply what they have learned in school, such as People's Procuratorate of Huairou District, People’s Court of Miyun County, and Justice Bureau of Changping District. Furthermore, Warm-hearted Social Worker Agency of Changping District, supported by Council on Social Work of Changping District, is one of the first 10 social worker agencies in Beijing City.

NowCollege of Humanities and Law has 31 teaching staff, and almost all of them achieved doctor’s degree or master’s degree and most of them graduated from Peking University, Renmin University of China, China University of Political Science and Law, and Jilin University. On the one hand, some of them have overseas educational experience and bilingual teaching ability, on the other hand, most of them are both lawyers and social workers. They are playing an important role in delivering the top quality legal education, scientific research, responsive works for legislation and enforcement of the law.

In academic activities, many famous experts and scholars are invited to give lectures and the college has established good cooperative relationships with Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Central Compilation & Translation Bureau, Tsinghua University and Peking University. Our college held the large-scale conference successfully named Community Studies under the Framework of Urban Agriculture in 2008 and Law Forum concerning agriculture, rural areas and farmers in 2010 respectively. The academic salon held by College of Humanities and Lawthe annual cultural festival of social work and Legal System Publicity Week have provided deep cultural atmosphere for Beijing University of Agriculture.

Up to date, College of Humanities and Law has built sustained and steady relationships of exchange and cooperation with many teaching and research institutes of the   U.S. , Japan , the UK and some central Asian nations. We exchange visits with some Japanese colleges and universities and invite several Japanese experts as guest professors for our college. College of Humanities and Law pays great attention to subject development and has adjusted the subject development in majors of law and social work in the overall background of national emphasis on the problems concerning agriculture, rural areas and farmers and our school-running orientation of becoming urban modern agricultural university. Our college just combined the non-agricultural majors and traditional agricultural majors together and changed the major feature and development to the research on legal problems concerning agriculture, rural areas and farmers and the social work in rural areas. In the fields of invasion of alien species    food safety, agriculture intellectual property rights, and social security in rural areas, our faculty members have borne some influential fruits.

In the field of students studies and development, there are about 500 undergraduates majored in law and social work in our college. They have strong sense of social responsibility, advanced learning ability and good teamwork spirit, and have won a lot of honors. Youth law society and youth social work society are two student associations providing a good platform of autonomous learning for students. Students in our college take active part in social practice and won the first prize in Beijing moot court competition on law in 2010. Our college has cultivated amounts of excellent undergraduates and they have attained some achievements in their work and received favorable responses of their work units.



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