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Urban and Rural Development College
Author: Time:2013-10-17 22:54:40

Urban and Rural Development College is one of 15 secondary colleges (teaching departments) of Beijing University of Agriculture. There are 4 departments: Rural Regional Development, Exhibition Economics and Management, Agronomic Engineering, and Applied Management, 10 undergraduate and higher vocational majors. Especially, Exhibition Economics and Management is the experimental major besides professional category, approved by Ministry of Education in 2011. The institute has a structure reasonably, vital, the high quality teachers troop. Over 80 staffs, and 19 professors, 30 associate professors, and over 1350 students.

College adheres to intensive development, improve teaching and research.

In recent years, undertake many national and provincial or ministry level projects, such as “The National Natural Science Foundation” Projects, “The Beijing Natural Science Foundation” Projects, “Humanities and Social Sciences Planning Fund of Ministry of Education” Projects, “Beijing Science and Technology Planning ”Projects, ”Beijing Agricultural Science and Technology Achievement Transformation Project”, “Beijing Agricultural Science and Technology Project”, “Beijing Agricultural Science and Technology Achievement Transformation Project of Beijing Municipal Education Commission”, “Beijing City talent education ‘creative team’ project”, “Beijing philosophy and social science planning projects”, and “Humanities and Social Science Key Project of Beijing Municipal Education Commission”, and so on. Award the second prize of “Environmental Protection Science and Technology Award of The Ministry of Environmental Protection”, the third prize of “Agricultural Science and Technology Award of Ministry of China”, the third prize of “Beijing Science and Technology Progress Award”, the second prize and the third prize of “Beijing Agricultural Extension Award”, the second prize of “The Second China Flower Expo Science and Technology Achievements Award”, and “2011China's Outstanding Exhibition Education Award”. And achieve 2 National Invention Patents.

College adheres to practice, the implementation of "3+1" teaching mode, and emphasize the training of practical ability.

Strengthen international cooperation, and create training and studying abroad for students by “CAEP training in   USA ” and “SUSP training in the Netherlands ” projects. Strengthen construction of practice bases in Beijing, Guangdong, Guangxi, Yunnan, Hainan, and build good cooperation relationship with employers, and provides good conditions for practices and employment. The employment rate of graduates remain in 96%, cultivate a large number of excellent talents for the capital's economic and social development.  

College adheres to the concept of management services "Student-centered", to create good conditions and create harmonious atmosphere for the healthy growth of the students.

The college has set up a complete grant loan system; provide the perfect career guidance and psychological health education services. Meanwhile, the college attaches great importance to the construction of campus life. There are 8 student associations, carry out all kinds of healthy activities, cultivate students’ organization and management ability, and improve students’ comprehensive quality. Students are awarded the first, second, third prizes of "The National College of business skills competition" for many years, Outstanding Units of Summer Social Practice, Champions in men's team, women's team and group total scores of Beijing University of Agriculture Sports.