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Hon. Prof. Antonius H.J. Bisseling Elected CAE Foreign Academician
Author: Time:2021-11-18 10:33:09

On November 18, new CAE academicians elected in 2021 were announced. Antonius H.J. Bisseling, honorary professor at Beijing University of Agriculture and chief scientist of the BUA Advanced Innovation Center for Forest Breeding by Molecular Design was elected as a foreign academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering.


Antonius H.J. Bisseling, professor at Wageningen University and academician of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences, has served as honorary professor of the Collaborative Innovation Center for Eco-environmental Improvement with Forestry and Fruit Trees at Beijing University of Agriculture since 2015 and he has been the chief scientist of the BUA Advanced Innovation Center for Forest Breeding by Molecular Design since October 2017.

With the support of BUA’s research and teaching platforms, Prof. Antonius H.J. Bisseling has been working with the on-campus team to study the establishment and nutrition mechanism of mycorrhizal symbiosis and nitrogen-fixing nodules, using chestnut, peach and alfalfa as materials. These studies explore the rhizosphere microbiome, isolate high-performance probiotic strains in the rhizosphere, explain longevity of Chinese chestnut and replanting obstacles in peach, and provide new soil health management solutions for chestnut and peach industries. With Beijing University of Agriculture as the lead affiliation, the team deciphered the whole genome sequence of Chinese chestnut (GigaScience, 2019), published a prospective review on root nodule symbiosis (Science, 2020), revealed the role of HDAC as a chromatin remodeling factor in root and nodule formation (Plant Physiology, 2021), selected more than 20 probiotic microorganisms in the rhizosphere with significant antagonistic and growth-promoting effects, and authorized 5 invention patents which are providing important sources of bacteria for the development of biological fertilizers and the improvement of the ecological environment. Meanwhile, Prof. Antonius H.J. Bisseling has supervised 3 fellows under postdoctoral programs, 4 students under doctoral programs. He also guides 5 young teachers in their research activities and establishes an academician workstation in Pinggu District, Beijing, to Carry out forest, pomology and ecological environment related research and achievement transformation demonstration.


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