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Visited the Austrian Edith Cowan University(ECU)and signed the cooperation agreement
Author:BUA Time:2008-10-29 13:40:58

From July 13th to 19th, 2008, the delegation led by Zhu Lisheng, the vice president of BUA, visited the Australian Edith Cowan University (ECU); the companies in visit are Tan Feng, Dean of International College, Wu Guo, Dean of Animal Science and Technology Department, He Zhongwei, Dean of Business and Economy Department and Wang Yujie, Dean of Computer Science Department. During this visit the delegation signed a cooperative school running agreement between the Beijing University of Agriculture and ECU, communicated with each other on the matters related to the cooperative school running implemented in relevant departments and the possible cooperative fields in the future, and paid a visit to different sections of ECU and its general school running conditions. And the delegation also dropped over the Sydney University.  
Greatly emphasizing the visit of the delegation and the cooperation to be implemented, Edith Cowan University accomplished the Australian legal procedures requested for the cooperation agreement in the shortest time, and this secured the smooth subscription of the cooperation agreement. In the cooperation agreement both sides reached a common knowledge on the project of cooperative undergraduate running, the project of junior college to undergraduate, the project of postgraduate preparatory and cooperatively culturing postgraduate, the project of mutual intercourse implemented among the teacher's cooperative scientific research and advanced learning, and the project of organizing Australian students' studying in Beijing University of Agriculture. This agreement not only provided a framework for the future comprehensive international cooperation and intercourse but also established a foundation for the college's applying for new projects of cooperative running school.
During the visit to ECU, the delegation is arranged to have complete views on the teaching conditions and facilities of Laboratories of its Environment College, Nutrition College and Computer College. Everywhere they visited there was a person who was in charge of giving a meticulous introduction. The graceful university environment, favorable school-running conditions and humanity management has deeply impressed the delegation.
During the visit, the delegation had respective meetings with the teaching and scientific research responsible vice president, the international affairs responsible vice president, the dean of Environment College, the dean and subject directors of Nutrition College, the dean and subject directors of Computer College and the dean of Business College. In the meetings each side introduced their general situation on teaching and scientific research, and showed their confidence for the future bilateral cooperation.
The success of this visit symbolizes the further step made on the internationalization of Beijing University of Agriculture.

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