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Beijing Education Briefing in Germany, Sweden and Finland
Author: Time:2019-06-06 10:14:00

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Recently, in order to promote Beijing‘s quality education resources and promote international educational exchanges and cooperation, the 2019 Beijing Education Briefing Conference has entered Germany, Sweden, and Finland. More than a thousand students from the three countries who wish to come to China attended the briefing. Local government officials, educators and media representatives attended the briefing.


Representatives from 21 universities and colleges including Beijing University of Science and Technology, Beijing Language and Culture University,Renmin University of China, and Beijing Eighth Middle School attended the briefing. Participants hope to deepen exchanges with the education circles of various countries so that more people can understand Beijing and understand Beijing's education.


Qin Lei Speaks

Qin Lei, head of the Beijing Education Delegation, said that Beijing has established a comprehensive international student education system that can provide international students with various levels of education. Since 2006, the Beijing Municipal Government has also established ascholarshipfor foreign students. With the deepening of China's opening up to the outside world, Beijing has increasingly become the world major destination city for study abroad. He expressed his welcome to students from all over the world to study in Beijing and become cultural ambassadors of friendly exchanges.

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During the briefing session, members of the delegation introduced the high-quality educational resources and the scholarship system for international students to the exhibition students through the setting of billboards, posters and one-on-one consultations at the booth. The colleges and universities were packed with booths in front of the booth. The interview with the teachers and students, the scene is warm.

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The delegation where the delegation went was warmly welcomed by local education officials, Chinese communities, and many local students. Mr. Ali Fammanhed, Chairman of the China-Sweden Cooperation Promotion Association, said in his speech that he hopes that the two countries will strengthen cooperation and educate people, learn from each other and build aOne Belt, One Road” for education cooperation. Carter from Helsinki High School said that Chinese culture has fascinated him. He is ready to use the platform of the briefing to find opportunities to study philosophy and political profession in Beijing. A 13-year-old Finnish Chinese boy said: I want to study in China. Although I am not good at Chinese, I like China very much. My mother said that there is a lot of land and people are very friendly."

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The briefing will be strongly supported by the Chinese Embassy in Finland, Sweden and Germany. Cao Difeng, Counsellor of the Cultural and Education Section of the Chinese Embassy in Sweden, said: Sino-Swiss has achieved a series of fruitful cooperation in the field of education and hopes to take this opportunity to further increase the willingness to cooperate, promote pragmatic results, and promote the quality and level of education. He said that the Chinese Embassy in Sweden will continue to provide support and services for this purpose.


The Beijing Education Briefing Conference, as a business card for Beijing Education Publicity, was hosted by the Beijing Municipal Education Commission and hosted by the Beijing International Education Exchange Center. It aims to promote Beijing's quality education resources and attract overseas talents to come to Beijing for further study. It is reported that the Beijing Education Briefing has been successfully held for 9 sessions so far, and played an important role in implementing the strategic positioning of Beijing’s “four centers” and building a platform for international education exchange and cooperation in the capital.

The delegation also came to the Helsinki Education Bureau, the Hurghine University of Applied Sciences in Helsinki, the Free University of Berlin, the Technical University of Munich, the Karl-Orff-Advanced Arts and Sciences Middle School in Munich, and the Nordic Innovation Institute to exchange ideas for the future education. Cooperation and exchange laid a solid foundation.

Photo: Beijing Education Delegation. Edit. Wu Jingfang and not Zhong Min Peng as it seems.


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