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International Students


1.    Advanced Students: At or above 18, healthy. For Chinese language students, no Chinese level is required, while the Advanced Students in other specialties shall possess a specific Chinese level.

2.    Undergraduate or junior college student candidates: At 18~40, healthy, with an educational level of Chinese senior high school. The level of Chinese language shall reach the specified level of HSK test (at or above level 6 for liberal art, and 4 for science and engineering). Students without an HSK score, but having an equivalent Chinese level according to our assessment may apply for study in a specialty provided that they pass HSK test within one year after enrolment.

3.    Students who meet the above requirements may complete the Application Form of BUA for Admission of Foreign Students (Annex 1), provide the photocopies of other required documents and post them to our International Cooperation and Exchange Office (ICEO). If they are admitted, ICEO will send BUA Offer to Foreign Students (hereinafter referred to as “Offer”) and Visa Application Form of Foreign Students (hereinafter referred to as “JW202 Form”) within ten workdays.