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Experience Exchange Meeting for the Construction of BUA Off-Campus Talent Training Bases
Author:BUA Time:2011-03-10 08:45:34

BUA, Dec. 9, 2010: An off-campus talent training sites’ experience-sharing meeting was held in BUA on the morning of Dec.9. Presided by Vice-provost Chang Anjian from the Office of Academic Affairs, the meeting was attended by Vice-President Professor Du Xiaolin, Deputy Director Professor Shen Wenhua from the office of Academic Affairs, the leaders from the school departments, representatives from 14 agricultural bases sent by Capital Agriculture Group and functionaries from the Office of Academic Affairs and respective bases.


At the meeting, Professor Shen Wenhua gave an address of welcome. On behalf of the school authority, he expressed the heartfelt thanks to the contributions done by the off-campus bases for school talent training career as well as introduced the fruitful achievements the school harvested in teaching and academic research during those years. Representatives from 14 bases of Capital Agriculture Group also gave their impressive speeches respectively. They said that the joint efforts with BUA to foster talents are their duty in return for the society. In their speeches, they also said that they will continue to cooperate with BUA to cultivate more and more useful talents for the development of Beijing and even the whole China.


Vice-President Professor Du Xiaolin stressed that BUA is characterized by cultivating talents for modern metropolitan higher agriculture. He said that modern urban agriculture requires talents who are armed with broad range of horizon as well as more theoretical foundation and practical ability in urban agricultural development. He emphasized that the development of BUA and the fulfillment of BUA’s mission need us to be more aware of the importance of the talent training bases inside and outside. He also said that with the development of the school, the development of talent training bases will increasingly become an important issue in school education reform.


He pointed out that school and its off-campus training base should have close contact and communication. And school will manage to develop more and more long-term cooperation programs with its off-campus training sites to ensure a healthy and sustainable development between the two.