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Delegation of Kutafin Moscow State Law University Visits BUA
Author: Time:2023-10-13 11:50:35

On September 1620, the delegation led by Mariia Mazhorina, Vice President in charge of international cooperation and exchanges at Kutafin Moscow State Law University (MSAL), visited BUA, and was warmly welcomed by Duan Liusheng, President of BUA, and Wu Yan, Vice President of BUA. The two sides had in-depth talks about how to deepen bilateral cooperation and jointly train talents and carry out scientific research in the specialty of law.

Duan Liusheng extended warm welcome to the delegation of MSAL and briefly introduced the educational characteristics and cooperative education of BUA. As he noted in the speech, both universities are located in national capitals and thus enjoy broad cooperation prospects on the building of the rule-of-law system for the revitalization of rural areas in capital cities. He said BUA explicitly proposed to further boost the quality of Sino-foreign cooperative education and talent cultivation. In the end, Duan Liusheng expressed the hope that the two sides would strengthen their cooperation in terms of teacher and student exchange, mutual recognition of credits, and academic research in law, agricultural intellectual property rights, agricultural law, and other fields, so as to complement each other’s advantages, achieve win-win outcomes, and drive the high-quality development of both universities. Mariia Mazhorina gave a brief introduction to MSAL, and expected further bilateral cooperation on exchange visits, student exchange, joint building of scientific research teams, etc.

During the visit, the delegation also attended a meeting at the College of Humanities and Urban-Rural Development of BUA, learning about the specialties, faculty, scientific research, social service achievements, and international cooperation of the college. They engaged in in-depth discussions about student exchange, joint cultivation, and teacher exchange programs.

The delegation also visited the National University Science Park at BUA, the library, and the teaching and practice bases of the Animal Science and Technology College and the College of Plant Science and Technology at BUA, and attended the moot court class to learn about the teaching features of the specialty of law.

Heads and workers of relevant functional departments and colleges also participated in the meetings.

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