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Liu Qi
Author: Time:2013-10-17 17:09:12

Liu Qi, male, Mongolia, master, Professor, national level referee. Graduated from the Inner Mongolia University for the Nationalities College of physical education. Research and planning of school physical education, popular science fitness and large-scale cultural and sports activities organization.

Group of experts to assess the Beijing City Board of education school sports work; Beijing University Sports Association teaching, group, part of the scientific research department director; senior lecturer lecturer team Olympic Games; 60 years National Day parade headquarters expert. Peking University Sports Science Research institute.

1996 by the National Board of education and the State Sports Commission awarded the national 1000 carry out "national physical training standards" the title of advanced worker. 2000 was awarded the "outstanding PE teachers in Colleges and universities in Inner Mongolia" title of Inner Mongolia Department of education. 2006 was awarded the "middle-aged backbone teacher" title of Beijing Municipal Education commission. BOCOG in 2008 was awarded the Olympic Games, Paralympic Games opening and closing ceremonies preparatory work advanced individual. 2009 is the National Day parade headquarters awarded the advanced individual.

The official published "urban 'ants' group of physical health status survey" in 38 articles. The "fitness" of academic works, and edited, translated seven books; editor of "eleven five" textbook "university sports and health course" (by the Beijing Municipal Excellent Teaching Award), best textbook project teaching "university sports and health", and associate editor, textbooks or teaching reference books and six. Assume the state, province and school teaching, scientific research project 13.