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English introduction of sports department
Author: Time:2013-10-17 17:06:20

The physical  education (PE)department  was founded in 2009 with 16 faculties.13of them are in the teaching post(1 professor,5 vice professors,5 lecturers  ,and 2 assistants).One of the16 is in the management post.2 are nonacademic staffs. In addition, it has one national referee and seven first grade national referees.

PE department  is responsible for college  PE management ,PE education ,PE research ,the training  of school  teams ,competition and other work  that  is relevant to this field .In recent  years , teachers in this department have published  over 60 essays and books ,more than 10 teaching   materials and have completed 4 subjects. In July 2004, the college  was awarded "the pilot school for the promotion  of national criteria for students 'health "by the committee of the promotion of national criteria for students 'health .In recent years ,playgrounds and other PE teaching equipments have been greatly improved. Nowadays, there are sports playground, storm proof playground, basketball field, swimming pool, tennis field, volleyball field and so on.

Paying  great attention to PE,  leaders of the college have put forward a series of rules and policies that play vital roles in the sound development of PE education of the college .Under the leadership of the party committee and with the help from students ' affairs  division and youth league committee, all kinds of  PE unions and associations have been founded and matches on basketball ,volleyball ,football and other sports are held regularly .By 2013,the department has held 33 spring sports meetings and 16 autumn sports meetings. The school teams are track and field team, male and female basketball team, football team,pingpang team, Orienteering team, aerobics team, golf team and so on. The representatives of these teams have already won lots of championship on behalf of the college, which have contributed to the promotion of the school image.