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Jia Linfang
Author: Time:2013-10-17 21:33:50

Teacher presence – Linfang Jia

Personal Information

Name:  Linfang Jia


Dr.Sc., Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry,CAS

Current Appointment:

Associate Professor of Chemistry Teaching and Researching Section (Department of Basic Sciences, Beijing University of Agriculture)

Areas of Specialization:
Scientific researchchemistry and pesticide residue analysispesticide and     environment.

Main Teaching Courses:General ChemistryOrganic Chemistry and Environmental chemistry.

  President project andAwards : Science and technology project of Beijing Municipal Education Commission one item ,  Talents cultivation Project supported by the Beijing municipal Party Committee Organization Departmentone item and Funding project for academic human resources development in institutions of higher learning under the jurisdiction of Beijing municipality one item. A teaching and education award of Beijing University of Agriculture.

Representative Achievements:

1.      Deputy editor of “General Chemistry”- The national agricultural and forestry colleges and universities "eleven five" textbook.

2.      Deputy editor of “General Chemistry Learning Guide”- The national agricultural and forestry colleges and universities "eleven five" textbook.

3.      Wen-Fu Fu,* Lin-Fang Jia, Wei-Hua Mu et al.,Synthesis, Characterization, Photoinduced Isomerization, and Spectroscopic Properties of Vinyl-1,8-naphthyridine Derivatives and Their Copper(I) ComplexesInorg. Chem, 2010, 49, 4520-4533.

4.      Lin-Fang Jia et al., A novel hexaaquacopper(II) complex :[3+3] distorted octahedral coordination and inorganic-organic interface., Inorganic Chemistry Communication2005VOL 8647-650.  

5.      Lin-Fang Jia et al., (Trans-dichloro-_Cl)bis[(dicyclohexylphosphino)methane-_2 P,P_]ruthenium(II)Acta.Crystallographica Section E2005, 61, m858.

Contact information:


Office phone : 010-80795297