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Zhao Jianzhuang
Author: Time:2013-10-17 21:27:24

Name:Jiangzhuang, Zhao


M.Sc., Department of Applied Chemistry, College of Science, China Agricultural University

Current Appointment:


?Master’s Tutor, Food Science (Agricultural Products Storage and Processing)

?Head of Chemistry Teaching and Researching Section (Department of Basic Sciences, Beijing University of Agriculture)

?Member of Editorial Board, Journal of Beijing University of Agriculture
Areas of Specialization:
Safety of agricultural products

Pesticide residue analysis

Degradation and pollution remediation

?Security testing for fruit competitions held in Beijing for years

?Security testing for 2012 World Strawberry Conference

(granted more than 1.2 million as research fund in 2013)
Academic Awards

?2011, “Beijing Teaching Masters” Award

?2012, “Tutor with Outstanding Contributions to Graduate’s Career” Award (Beijing University of Agriculture)

?Among the master candidates cultivated within the years, one was granted National Scholarship, two Major Scholarships (Beijing University of Agriculture), three “Best Thesis” Awards (Beijing University of Agriculture), one “Outstanding (Master) Graduate” Award (Beijing University of Agriculture)

Society Appointments:

?2013-2017, member of College Chemistry Curriculum Teaching Guidance Committee, Ministry of Education

Main Courses:

Organic Chemistry

General Chemistry

Pesticide Residue Analysis

Representative Achievements:
?Earlier development pesticide residue tachometer and deltamethrin ELISA kit in China

?Houji Golden Statue Prize at Science and Technology Fair of Yangling Agricultural Technology City (Shannxi Province, placed first among the prize winners)

?Silver Prize at 1st Ningxia Invention Fair (placed first among the silver prize winners)

?Beijing Excellent Individual for Science and Technology Transference (granted by Beijing Municipal Commission of Science and Technology, Beijing Municipal Commission of Education, and Beijing Municipal Commission of Rural Affairs)

?Three national patents for inventions

?First-prize winner of ”Beijing Higher Education Excellent Teaching Achievements” Award

?Chief editor of Organic Chemistry, granted National Quality Textbook

?Chief editor of three Beijing Quality textbooks

?Course manager and keynote professor of Beijing Quality Course Organic Chemistry

Telephone: 86-10-8079-9234;

Mobile phone: 13031078059;