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Bi Yuzhu
Author: Time:2013-10-17 23:04:00

Basic information:


Yuzhu Bi, born in Shandong province, graduated with a PHD degree in Land Resource Management from the Renmin University of China. She is the associate professor focusing on the Rural Development from the Urban-Rural Development Institute. She is a party member of Zhi Gong Party. She is also a member of the Western Returned Scholars Association Chinese Overseas-Educated Scholars Association.


In 2004 – 2007, she was in the MBA program for Agriculture from the Fachhochschule of Wehenstephan under the sponsorship of Hanns-Seidel Stiftung of Germany scholarship.


Research area:  Utilization of land resource; Rural development.


Representative publication:

1. Comparative Study on the Urban-rural Development and Land Use-a Case of Shandong Province in China and State of Bavaria in Germany, 2012.05China Agriculture Press

2. Real Estate Property Management,2010.11 China Renmin University Press

3. Germany Housing Policy, 2012.03,China Architecture & Building Press



  1. 1.      The Study on Coordinated Development between Urban and Rural Areas of Germany and Its Implications for China: The Case of the State of Bavaria, 2012.05,Ecological  Economy

  2. 2.      Study on land consolidation mode under the background of the  capitalization,2012.05,China Land

  3. 3.      The Comparative Study and Evaluation on the Balanced Utilization Degree of Urban and Rural Land Between China and Germany: A Case Study on Shandong Province and the State of Bavaria, 2012.05,Population Resources and Environment


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