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Gao Chengda
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GAO Cheng Da

Title: Professor of Environmental protection


Tel: +86-010-8079 6860

Fax: +86-010-8079 6860

Dr. GAO Cheng Da, is a professor of College of Urban & Rural Development, BUA (Beijing University of Agriculture), China. He was graduated from Beijing Forestry University with major of Ecological Environmental Engineering. He serves as a member of China Association of Invention, and reviewer of journal of Scientia Agricultura Sinica, and Journal of Arid Environments, and editorial board of Analytical Instrumentation.

Research Interests

Utilization of agricultural waste

Carbon cycle of terrestrial ecosystem,

Quantification of greenhouse gas and climate change

Environmental protection


Soil and fertilizer science

Introduction to Environment

Selected publications

1GAO Cheng Da, SUN Xiang Yang2012CO2 Concentration at the Soil

Surface and CO2 Flux between Soil and Atmosphere in Temperate-Arid

RegionsMݣYinchuanSunshine Press of Yellow River Publishing Group

2SUN Xiang Yang, GAO Cheng Da, et al,2011Characteristics of CO2 Release from Forest Soil in the Mountains near BeijingJݣEnvironmental Monitoring and Assessment,175193-200

3GAO Cheng Da, et al, 2011Ecological Characteristics of Tropical Rain

Forests and Their ConservationJݣTropical Geography311113-118

4GAO Cheng Daet al, China Patent,201010273783.22010

5GAO Cheng Daet al, China Patent,200710065028.32007