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Guan Zhonghui
Author: Time:2013-10-17 23:00:06

General Information

Guanzhonghuinative place is Heilongjiang province, graduated from Department of Biology of QiQiHar University majoring biology.Now,he is a verternary teacher and a vice professor at college of urban&rural development in Beijing University of Agriculture.He is also an evaluation staff about vocational skill identification in animal husbandry and veterinary  attached to Ministry of Agriculture of the People’s Republic of China.


Main Research

Microbiology and epizootiology of animal.Mainly teach courses includes Animal Microbiology》、《Food Microbiology》、《Veterinary Public Health》、《Veterinary LawsandRegulationsand so on.The diagnosis and prevention of Goose Paramyxovirusachieved Science and Technology Award gived by Jilin Provincial Science&Technology Department.Excellent Course Construction of Animal Microbiology and immunologyobtained the honor title of Heilongjiang provincial excellent course.He is one of the instructor. Item Bank Construction of Animal Microbiology and immunologyreceived the second prize of teaching researches gived by Heilongjiang provincial Education Department.


Main Achievement

Animal Microbiology and immunology》,SubeditorHarbin Map Publishing House2005.Pet Animal Pharmacology》,SubeditorChina Agricultural Science&Technology Press,2008.Published Paper:Shallow Talk the Porcine Respiratory Disease ComplexPRDC)》、《Research of Effect on preventing co-infection with HCV and PCV using by personal condition》、《Effect of structure on combining SO-6 with phospholipid .



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