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Yang Weimin
Author: Time:2013-10-17 22:56:22

WEIMIN YANG, Taikang, henan Province. PHD from Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences. Visiting scholar at Ohio University. Professor at the College of Urban and Rural Development (CURD) in Beijing University of Agriculture (BUA). Vice Dean of CURD for teaching management.A member of  Chinese Association of Agro-Technical Economics (CAATE).

RESEARCH  INTERESTS: Agricultural Supply Chain &Development of regain. PresidingChinese Ministry of Education Society Science Foundation” and “Beijing Social Sciences Planning Project”.

COURSES TAUGHT: Marketing ManagementPrinciples of Management.


1.National Business and Technology Progress Award.

2. The Beijing Higher Education Achievement Award (September 2005).

3. The First Award of Teaching Contest In Beijing University of Agriculture.


1.Beijing Education Office Social Sciences Research Project,Research on Safety Vegetable Supply Chain in Beijing” (Project Director)

2. Beijing Natural Science Foundation, “Research on Mechanism and Modes of Vegetable Supply Chain Integration in Beijing” (Project Director)

3. Chinese Ministry of Education  Society Science Foundation, “Empirical Research on The Cooperative Behavior Between Agriculture Producers and  Supermarket Based on Supply Chain Management” (Project Director)

4. Beijing Social Sciences Planning Project , Empirical Research on Vegetable Circulation System in Beijing” (Project Director)


1. “ Optimization of Chinese Vegetable Supply Chain.” (Yang Weimin , Pu Yingyan, Wu Chun xia ) , China Agricultural Press (May, 2007)

2. “Study On Integration of Vegetable Supply Chain.” (Yang Weimin , Chen Rao, Pu Yingyan, Wu Chun xia ), China Agricultural Press (June, 2011)