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Tourism Management
Author: Time:2013-10-17 22:53:39

Training goal

The professional trains international applied talents who have good ideological and moral quality and professional ethics, grasping solid modern tourism management elementary theoretical knowledge and business skills, strong English communication skills, computer application ability, public marketing ability, market research and analysis ability, good professional habit and manners, solid professional basis, with innovative spirit and practical ability, to satisfy the needs of the economic and social development. The rate of obtaining the professional tour guide qualification is about 50%.

The curriculum

English, basic computer, basic statistics, management, introduction to tourism, tourism economy, public relations and etiquette, professional tourism English, tourist marketing, Beijing tour guide foundation, the traveling scenic area management, travel agency management, hotel service and management, ecological tourism foundation, tourism law and practice, tourist information system, etc.

Internship and practical step

Implement the "2 + 1" practical teaching mode, arrange students to the various related practical enterprises in the fifth term, On the one hand we provide foreign-related hotels and state-owned hotel for students of the hotel management direction, such as Beijing Westin Hotels & Resorts, CITIC Hotel Beijing Airport; on the other hand we also provide more internship Travel Agency and units for students of travel agency management direction, such as Beijing Youth Travel Service, Beijing Yongli International Travel agency, BTG International Travel & Tours, which give students multiple choice and laid a solid foundation for their employment, at the same time, greatly improve the students' practical ability.

Educational system

Three academic years

Obtain employment direction

In addition to upgrade students and Study abroad students, graduates are suitable to all kinds of tourism enterprises, travel agencies, hotels in daily service operation and management, scenic spots and Administrative departments engaged in tourism scenic spot planning and operation management, and other foreign service work; also can work in tourist enterprise management, marketing planning and other business and management work.