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Exhibition Economy and Management
Author: Time:2013-10-17 22:52:32

Training goal

         Cultural creative industry is the pillar industry and the new growth point of economic development of Beijing. Major of Exhibition economy and management aims to cultivate all-round development of morality, intelligence and physique, to adapt to the cultural creative industries and urban modern agriculture development needs in Beijing, as well as the exhibition economy development demand, outstanding exhibition solid professional basis, professional skills, and can administrative departments at all levels of exhibition and conference and exhibition enterprises, institutions and exhibition enterprises engaged in the exhibition economy and management planning and management of the application of the advanced talents.

    The curriculum

          Principle of management, Microeconomics & Macroeconomics, Marketing, Introduction to agricultural exhibition, Exhibition Economy and Management, Agricultural economics, Exhibition policies and regulations, Painting, Convention and Exhibition English, Convention and exhibition planning and management in agriculture, and so on

    Internship and Practical Training

          Practice teaching, social investigations, Professional comprehensive ability test, thesis, scientific research training, productive labor, social practice, and so on. Many exhibition companies become the professional teaching practice base, large-scale exhibition activities for students outside Beijing and Beijing also has provided a broad practice and practice opportunities. Meanwhile, our college has established the good intercollegiate relations with the United States, the Netherlands, Australia, Japan and other countries of the university, which provide the opportunity to study abroad and further study for the students.


     Professional skill

            The students of this major will lean the exhibition economy and management aspects of basic theory and basic knowledge, convention and exhibition management and enterprise operation and management aspects of basic training, specific analysis and the basic ability to solve practical problems.

Graduates should be given the following knowledge and ability

(1) Master the comprehensive application ability of the exhibition economy and management;

(2) Master of the basic theories of convention and exhibition management;

(3) Master qualitative and quantitative research methods on the exhibition economy and management;

 (4) Master the basic methods of engaged in exhibition planning and exhibition and project management

     Eductional system

              Four academic years


             Bachelor's Degree management

     Occupational Direction

              This professional bachelor of this training's convention and exhibition planning and design project management skills, graduates can engage in the convention and exhibition, exhibition enterprises and institutions or the department of convention and exhibition management in government, exhibition economy analysis, exhibition planning, exhibition, exhibition design, project management, etc. In addition, students can take part in the national unified examination for enterprise management, international trade, agricultural economy management, tourism management for further master's study. Also, our college  also provides great convenience for the students to go abroad for further education.