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Event Planning and Management
Author: Time:2013-10-17 22:51:44

Training goal

     Our major provide high technology applicability talented specialist, who have the capability of event planning, have acknowledge of exhibition business, have ability of putting the design and develop it. The student should adjust the job easily and approve the party`s policy, cater to the capitol exhibition need.


The curriculum

     Introduction to the MICE IndustryArtPlane ConstitutionColor CompositionExhibition Display Layout Photoshop CSAutoCAD3DmaxEvent planning and ManagementExhibition of EnglishBig Events organization and managementThe Exhibition ManagementMeeting ManagementExhibition MarketingFoundation of Management, etc.


Internship and practical step

     Our school arranges students to join large international exhibition on regular in Beijing. We hold student`s exhibition and applications for job in campus. This part is designed and carried out by students. They can get the opportunity to represent the school in Guangdong Chencun Flower World Exhibition Centre. We also form students to join the national race. Recommending under-graduated students to some companies, which have a partnership with school.


Educational System

     Three academic years


Obtain employment direction

     Graduates can work in the enterprise image publicity in the convention and exhibition venues conference center, organize exhibition activities of enterprises and institutions, convention and exhibition building design company, convention and exhibition services industry, large-scale event planning agencies, and all kinds of enterprise and institutions in advertising department.