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International Cooperation and Communication of Urban and Rural Development College
Author: Time:2013-10-17 22:50:40

Urban and Rural Development College keep in step with Beijing University of Agriculture “Education internationalization”, carry out international cooperation and communication with universities, science and research originations, and academic groups in overseas. Urban and Rural Development College provide lots of chances of agricultural paid-internship program (such as training in USA , the Netherlands , and Sweden ), short-term international communication (such as with University of Pikeville and Colleges of Spokane), further study abroad (such as study in Bangor University and Washington State University), which made brilliant achievements and widely recognized by society.


Practical Training in Abroad


Urban and Rural Development College Commonly develop “Agricultural Training in abroad” Project with Human Resource Centre of Ministry of Agriculture, Chinese Society of Agronomy and Stichting Agricultural Exchange Union of China-Europe. This project is in order to select excellent agricultural professional students directly participate in agricultural production in abroad, to study agricultural production technology and management experience, and cultivate outstanding agricultural talents.


Short-term Communication in Abroad


In order to strengthen international communication atmosphere, broaden the horizon, and Growth experience.Urban and Rural Development College organizes excellent students participateinshort-term exchange communication in winter and summer vocation with international universities,



Further Study Abroad


Urban and Rural Development College hire international Experts and scholars, and foreign teachers teaching for students to training and cultivating practical English ability, to improve students’ English communication skills and applied English level. And cooperate with overseas universities (such as Colleges of Spokane and Central Queensland University), increases chances of further study for students.