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Logistics Management
Author: Time:2013-10-17 22:49:42

Training Goal

    The major will cultivate high quality and practical professional talents, who have good ideological, moral quality and occupation accomplishment, master the modern logistics management theory knowledge and professional quality, have strong ability of computer application, market investigation and analysis, make comprehensive use of modern management theory and method, and has high potential for ascension. During the period of school students will earn “The modern logistics skills certificate”or “Assistant Logistician qualification certificate” , The students will be engaged in the grass-roots management and integrated logistics management in logistics and other industries enterprises.

    The Curriculum

    Marketing, Foundation to Logistics Management, E-Business and Logistics, Inventory and Distribution Management, Supply Chain Management, Procurement and Supply, Logistics Equipment, Logistics Customer Management, Market Survey and Forecast, Consumer Behavior, Business Negotiation and so on.

    Internship and Practical Training

    The practice is in various forms and rich in content, and implements 2+1 teaching mode, which includes teaching practice in classes, Professional Practice Graduation Practice, and Social Practice, etc. In order to improve students’ quality, enhance employment ability, there is a good relationship with some logistics companies, such as Wu-mart Group and Debang Logistics, which can provides practice and employment. 

    Eductional Systme

    3 academic years

    Obtain Employment Direction

    The graduates can be engaged in the logistics operation, operation and maintenance for logistics management information system, grass-root enterprises management in the logistics sector in the manufacturing, trade, industry and commerce enterprises, or engaged in the business operation and management of all kinds of logistics enterprises and large retail enterprises.