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Dong Jingshan
Author: Time:2013-10-17 17:00:47

Dong Jingshan

Associate Professor


Renmin University of China                       PhD of Business Law

Institute of Law, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences    Post doctorate

Social Appointments

Director of Information Law Institute, China Law Society

Director of environmental law branch, Chinese Society for Environmental Sciences

Director of Rural Legal Research Center, Beijing Law Society

Courses of Teaching

Constitutional Law

The Elements of Legal Style

A Practical Guide to Law

Evidence Law

Agricultural Law (for undergraduates)

Science of Land Laws (for undergraduates)

Agricultural Policies and Regulations (for postgraduates)

Research Areas

civil and commercial law, legal issues related to the agriculture, countryside and farmers


Associate professor Dong has published over 20 academic articles in periodicals such as Legal Forum and Law Science Magazine, etc. He has published three monographs as well, including On Rural Collective Land Ownership Performing Model.

Research Projects

1.     Study on legal Issues of Becoming A Shareholder of Rural Land Contractual Right, National Social Science Fund Project (12BFX101)2012-2015

2.     Study on Rural Land Contractual Management Right under the Background of Cooperatives, project of Ministry of Education (09YJC20010)2009-2012

3.     The Use of Mediation in the Administrative Law Enforcement, project of Ministry of Agriculture  2012

4.     Study on Protection System of Geographical Indications for Agro-products, project of Beijing Municipal Committee of CPC Organization Department  2007

   Besides the above projects, associate professor Dong has also taken part in several projects in provincial level.


1.    One scientific article was awarded the second prize by Research Department of China Law Society in 2002.

2.    One scientific article was awarded the third prize by China Law Society in 2005.

3.    One scientific article was awarded the first prize by China Association of Judges in 2008.

4.    One scientific article was rewarded excellent Paper by China Law Society in 2009.


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