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Jin Ruifeng
Author: Time:2013-10-17 16:50:46

General Information

Mr. Ruifeng Jin, born in 1955,

Professor of Beijing University of Agriculture;

Part-time Master Instructor of College of Humanities and Law of Yanshan University in Hebei Province;

A member of the Environmental Law Branch of the Chinese Society for Environmental Sciences;

Visiting Professor of the Sunshine Halfway House of the Bureau of Justice in Changping District, Beijing;

Principal of the Villagers Legal System School in Shiziying Village, Baishan Town, Changping District, Beijing.

Education background

1979----1983, Bachelor of Laws (LLB), China University of Political Science and Law

1989----1992, Master of Laws (LLM), Peking University

Interests & Late Research

Being interested in criminal laws all the time;

Recently focusing on Environmental Pollution Crimes and Agriculture-related Crimes;

Jan. 2003----Dec. 2004, the head of the general project of “Research on the WTO’s Influence on Beijing Agricultural Legalization and the measures which China may take”, founded by Beijing Municipal Education Commission;

Apr. 2009----May, 2010, the head of the general project of “Research on the Legal System of the Urban Modern Agriculture”, founded by the Research Institute of Beijing New Countryside;

Aug. 2009----Dec. 2011, the head of the key project of “Study on the Legal Application and the Prosecution Mechanism of the Agriculture-related Crimes in Beijing Suburbs”, founded by Beijing Bureau of Philosophy and Social Sciences.

Achievements & Awards

Textbook “Criminal Law” (published by the China Agriculture Press in August 2005) was selected as an excellent textbook by Beijing Municipal Education Commission in 2006;

Textbook “Criminal Law” (published by the China Agriculture Press in August 2005) was awarded the first prize of Higher Education Achievement Award by Beijing University of Agriculture in 2008;

Having published over 30 theses on national magazines or newspapers;

Having published some books and textbooks.