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Li Baolong
Author: Time:2013-10-17 16:49:35

Li Baolong was born in Beijing, and graduated from Department of Chinese Language and Literature, Capital Normal University, and Graduate Courses of Department of Sociology, Peking University. Now, he acts as an associate professor and academic adviser to master’s degree candidate in College of Humanities and Law, Beijing University of Agriculture.

Research Areas

social security, social work and Chinese traditional culture

Courses of Teaching

Introduction to Sociology

Introduction to Social Work

Social Administration

Chinese Traditional Culture

Situation and Policies

College Chinese


Literature Appreciation

Movie Appreciation

College Aesthetic Education

Research on A Dream of Red Mansions


    Associate professor Li has published over 20 academic articles in periodicals and several monographs and textbooks, including Chinese Traditional Culture, Social Investigation of Beijing Rural Community, Study on Social Security Problems of Beijing Rural Community, A General Survey of Social Security, Introduction to Civic Morals, Practical Writing for Rural Areas, Situation and Policies, and College Students’Etiquette, etc.

Research Projects

    Associate professor Li has been in charge of the Humanities and Social Sciences project of Beijing Municipal Commission of Education, the project for Academic Human Resources Development in Institutions of Higher Learning Under the Jurisdiction of Beijing Municipality PHR(RHLB), and the Humanities and Social Science Fund Project of Beijing University of Agriculture.


Associate professor Li has been awarded the Scientific Research Achievement and Teaching Achievements of Beijing University of Agriculture. In 1995, Associate professor Li has been awarded the honors of being the Outstanding Teacher of Tibet Autonomous Region, “Outstanding Teacher” of Beijing University of Agriculture and an excellent member of the Communist Party.