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Introduction of First-level Discipline for Food Science and Engineering of Beijing University of Agriculture
Author: Time:2013-10-17 19:05:04

The Food Science and Engineering of the Beijing University of Agriculture was firstly established in the year of 1985. In 2006, the discipline was authorized as the master degree of secondary discipline for agricultural products processing and storage. In 2009, it was authorized as master of agricultural extension in food processing and security field. In 2011, it became the discipline master degree station of Food Science and Engineering. In 2008, the major of Food Science and Engineering was elected as Beijing municipal characteristic specialty, while the food quality and safety was evaluated as university specialty. In 2009, the “Urban Agricultural Food Safety and Processing Teaching Center” was evaluated as Beijing Municipal Practice Demonstration Center. In 2010, the “Outside School Practice Teaching Base for Vitis Erythrophylla and Wine” was awarded as Beijing excellent municipal outside university Practice Demonstration Base. In 2011, “Beijing Key Laboratory for Safety Testing & Controlling of Harmful Microorganisms of Agricultural Products and Pesticide Residues” was evaluated as Beijing Key Laboratory.

The discipline pays attention both teaching and scientific researches. In recent 5 years, it undertakes many national-level scientific research projects, such as “the Eleventh Five-year-plan” Technology Support Program, Natural Science Foundation of China and Fund for Overseas Students of Ministry of Personnel etc. Meanwhile, it assumes more than 80 scientific research tasks of Beijing Natural Science Funds, Beijing Science and Technology Commission, Beijing Municipal Education Commission and Beijing Municipal Agricultural Commission with the funds of more than 8.3 million yuan, including more than 240 theses, 1 award of scientific and technological advancement of Beijing, 4 awards of Chinese Institute of Food Science and Technology and awards of Science and Technology of China Chamber of Commerce, and 9 national patents for invention.

The discipline aims at servicing Beijing urban agricultural construction and social development, and targeting on satisfying the people’s increasing food demands on safety, nutrients and functionality. Currently, there are four stable discipline orientations, such as agricultural products and food security, agro-processing projects, fruit and vegetable storage, food nutrition and functions.

1. Agricultural Products and Food Security

   Related researches have been implemented with respect to the whole process of control theory and technology of agricultural products and food security, including: control theories and technologies of agricultural production safety, and key technologies for biological control on fruit and vegetable and plant diseases and insect pests, pesticide of biological source and preservative etc. To reduce the residue of veterinary drug of animal products through adjusting feed nutrients and reduce veterinary drugs. Security control technology during the period of food processing, hygienic quality control of food, hazard analysis and evaluation technology etc; to apply with immunology and biotechnology to detect the pathogenic microorganisms and its toxins, antibiotics residual veterinary drugs etc. in agricultural food and ordinary food, and then research and develop related rapid detection products, as well as non-thermal sterilization technology etc. It mainly targets on realizing rapid detection and whole-process control from field to daily table.

2. Agro-processing Projects

  Related scientific research, product development and technical service have been implemented in processing characteristics, processing key technology, quality control technology and high and new technology (supercritical fluid technology, superhigh pressure technique and membrane separation technique) and related fields with respect to distinctive agricultural products. It features with vivid characteristics in promoting processing quality of agricultural products, processing depth, and comprehensive utilization level, increasing of additional value of agricultural products, as well as servicing urban modern agriculture etc. among Beijing municipal universities.

3. Fruit and Vegetable Storage,

By taking the fruits and vegetables of Beijing as targets, it researches the mechanism of quality deterioration, such as theory of aging, flesh softens and loss of flavor after picking etc, as well as the laws of genesis and development of cold sensitive fruits after picking, pollution-free preservation processing technology for delaying senescence, reducing fruit cold damage, extending storage period and shelf life during the period transporting, for the purpose of reducingpostharvest losses and increasing the quality and safety of fruits and vegetables after storage and transportation. Meanwhile it also researches the physiological basis and techniques of handling for keeping quality of convenient type of fresh fruits and vegetables, for the purpose of helping customers and catering services and families and then, reducing of municipal solid waste.

4. Food Nutrition and Functions

  By aiming at improving the economic value added of agricultural products and food in Beijing, and taking the main characteristic fruits, vegetables, grains, beans and dairy as targets, it also analyzes its nutrition, functional components and biologically active substances and implements functional evaluation, and then applies modern extraction, separation and purification, processing and biotechnological to develop functional foods, including antioxidant, lowering blood pressure and serum cholesterol, lowering blood sugar, regulating intestinal microenvironment etc, which have obvious characteristics.

   Beijing, as an international metropolis, its customers are demanding for safety, nutrients and function of food increasingly. The development of this discipline, which qualifies the requirements of urban agricultural construction of Beijing, will provide more talents and technical service for Beijing food industry, and then make contributions to Beijing food safety and healthy development of food industry.