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Chen Yuexue
Author: Time:2013-10-17 21:05:04

Chen Yuexue, the professor of Department of Economics, Beijing University of Agriculture.

Prof. Chen Yuexue has been doing research on trade financing and international trade of agricultural products for many years. As a member of Beijing Young and Middle-aged Core Teachers, she has led and participated in 15 research projects of national level, provincial level or municipal level in recent years and she has played major roles in these projects.

Her paper, “Exploration on Teaching Reform of International Trade of Agricultural Products”, won the first prize of 2005 excellent papers of Chinese universities in international trade teaching and reform, conferred by Training Center of Chinese Universities.

 She also edited Practice of International Trade, a nationally planned textbook for "Eleventh Five-year Plan" and a planned textbook for agricultural and forestry colleges and universities, published by China Agricultural Press in Sep 2007.

 First author, “Analysis on Export of Agricultural Products Responding to Japanese Approving List”, Agricultural Economy and Rural Development, China Agricultural Press, Oct. 2006